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CZW Live At The Murphy Rec Center Philly Special - Results (04/07/2024)

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling's live coverage of CZW's Live At The Murphy Rec Center Philly Special.

Please refresh as results are coming in one at a time.

Aerial Assault Match

Kris Bishop vs. Richard Adonis vs. LJ Cleary vs. Jada Stone vs. Shaun Smith vs. ??? vs. Brando Lee

Winner: Anthony Gangone defeats Brando Lee and Chris White and Kris Bishop and LJ Cleary and Richard Adonis and Shaun Smith (12:10)

Singles Match

JC Storm vs. Nurse Mika

Winner: Nurse Mika (w/Troy Parker) defeats JC Storm (7:23)

Singles Match

Mickie Knuckles vs. Judge Joe Dred

Winner: Judge Joe Dred (w/Steven Jury) defeats Mickie Knuckles (14:29)

Four Way Dance

Carlos Valderrama vs. Frank Milano vs. Matt Viviani vs. Exess Jr.

Winner: Exess Jr. defeats Carlos Valderrama and Frank Milano and Matt Viviani (10:21)

Singles Match

Lince Dorado vs. Desean Pratt


Singles Match

Man Like DeReiss vs. Myles Hawkins

Winner: Myles Hawkins defeats Man Like DeReiss (8:50)

Tag Team Match

Amboss (Laurance Roman & Robert Dreissker) vs. Vendetta (Eran Ashe & Troy Parker)

Winner: Vendetta (Eran Ashe & Troy Parker) (w/Nurse Mika) defeat Norman Harras & Robert Dreissker (11:02)

Eight Man Tag Team Match

The Lost Boys (Athan Promise, Juni Underwood, Miles Penn & Ryan Ryzz) vs. Bush Quay 2024 (EN Bush & Matt Quay), ??? & ???

Winner: The Lost Boys (Athan Promise, Juni Underwood, Miles Penn & Ryan Ryzz) defeat Colin Delaney, Isaiah Wolf, Matt Quay & Old Man Young Boy (w/Ruthless Lala) (8:56)

Singles Match

Ace Austin vs. Griffin McCoy

Winner: Griffin McCoy defeats Ace Austin (10:13)

CZW Tag Team Title Match

Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) (c) vs. Post Game (Mike Walker & Vinny Talotta)

Winner: Post Game (Mike Walker & Vinny Talotta) defeat Alpha Sigma Sigma (Brent Oakley & KC Jacobs) (6:57)

CZW World Heavyweight Title Match

Rich Swann (c) vs. Paul London

Winner: Rich Swann (c) defeats Paul London (25:42)


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