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Dark Order Halloween Party (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* "The Phone of the Future" — Matt Jackson says he got the new iPhone F (stands for future). Matt tells them the "new" features, but it's everything the old phones had. Matt says only two are out in the world, but the photos are the best on them. He takes a few shots. Earlier the day, Matt talks with Christopher Daniels, who runs down what his day was like for the talent. Matt takes a photo of Daniels before he heads out. Back to Matt with Cutler and Nick, just playing with his phone. Nick wants to see the photo, creepy music plays as Matt looks at the phone. He instead sees Nick holding the TNT Title. Matt then sees a bloodied Cutler surrounded by Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Matt doesn't let Cutler out of the room. Daniels shows up, Matt sees in his photo a headline of "Christopher Daniels becomes Head of Relations for NXT" with Daniels and Triple H shaking hands. Matt leaves the room, bumps into Tony Schiavone, who asks him if he's having any phone problems (remember, Matt smashed Tony's phone a few weeks back) and says maybe he should take a selfie. Tony then goes to stab Matt with a pen during his selfie.

* Backstage, Matt and Nick trying to decide which tunnel to come out of at Daily's Place. Frankie Kazarian says there's an unwritten rule of which tunnels the good and bad guys come out of. Kazarian says if they don't come out of the right tunnel, he will kick their asses. They decide to come out via the stairs.

* Dark Order Halloween Party, the group shows off their costumes. Evil Uno shows up as The Riddle, Grayson ends up as "Sexy" Robin and demands to know who gave him this costume. It was Anna Jay, he suddenly doesn't mind it so much. Wardlow is at the door to be the bouncer.

* Brandon Cutler asks a bunch of people backstage who they think will win between him and Peter Avalon.

* People enter the Halloween Party: first up is "Broken" Matt Hardy. They think it's just a costume though, but it's actually Matt. Evil Uno says he's never "popped" so hard. Matt then stops everything to explain what a "pop" is in wrestling, then leaves. Dark Order freaks out that he just vanished.

* Gator golf: John Silver, Matt Jackson, and Trent advance.

* Eddie Kingston cuts a promo with a plastic pumpkin pal. Kingston talks about kids going out for trick-or-treat, but he never go to do that. Where he comes from they don't believe in things like Santa, they believed in 2Pac more than him. He says don't give him no Happy Halloween or trick-or-treat, it's October 31, that's all it is. He asks how the promo was and Matt says it was good, but Santa is Christmas, and Santa is real ("kids watch this"). Kingston responds Santa is real, he just doesn't come to his house.

* Back to the Halloween Party. Leva Bates shows up, Nyla Rose enters, Sammy looks to get in and receives a nod from Wardlow. Griff Garrison shows up, Wardlow thinks it's Jungle Boy in a Griff Garrison costume. "Jungle Boy, no hard feelings about that ass whooping last week. Great Griff Garrison costume." Private Party shows up, Wardlow keeps them back because they are on the "Not invited" list along with Brian Pillman Jr. John Silver says they can't join because it's public party!

* Clip shown of FTR crushing Matt's ankle on last week's Dynamite. Cut to Matt thinking about him and Nick getting attacked by the champs. Nick, comes in and asks Matt if he's ready to go someplace. Nick helps Matt up and we see them walking down the hallway as the episode comes to a close.


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