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Davey Richards Comments On Potential Return To Ring Of Honor

Major League Wrestling superstar Davey Richards recently appeared on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, where the superstar spoke about his thoughts on the new era of Ring of Honor, and even a potential return.

In the interview, Richards — who wrestled with Ring of Honor for seven years — was asked about his thoughts on the new era of Ring of Honor, which AEW’s Tony Khan is currently heading up. According to Richards, it’s an exciting time for the promotion, and he thinks Khan deserves a lot of respect for the move.

“It’s exciting,” Richards said. “You know what, I think he deserves a lot of respect, because he didn’t have to do it. I mean, he didn’t have to do it at all. I think all three people that have taken and put time, and invested money into Ring of Honor deserve a lot of credit, but I think at the top of that list is definitely Cary Silkin. And then, when Sinclair brought it out, people have their opinions of [Joe Cobb], but I mean Joe didn’t have to do it either. And now you have Tony, and Ring of Honor really had the opportunity to bow out gracefully. It was a great thing, we did our thing, and I think it really goes to show you how much Tony Khan respects the wrestling business.”

Richards was also asked about potentially returning to Ring of Honor should Tony Khan ever give him the call. While Richards did play coy with the answer, he did mention that MLW has treated him “very nice,” and said talks could be happening now.

“I’m very happy at MLW, they’ve treated me very nice,” said Richards. “Every time someone gets asked all these questions, they never give a straight answer. But at the same time, you have to be diplomatic…But I’m very at MLW, and I have nothing bad to say about them at all. And, in addition to them being great…if there is a forbidden door, I mean, I’ve competed and defended the title in New Japan, I’ve done Impact, I’ve done NWA, so kind of checking things off the list, AEW/Ring of Honor…I’ve got a lot of history there, and I know MLW is always open to do business, so we’ll see what happens, man. There may be some things in the works. I might change this Openweight title to the Open Door title.”


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