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Dean Ambrose Announces Return Of Jon Moxley

Photo Credit WWE

Dean Ambrose has done his last Dirty Deeds.

At the stroke of midnight last night, the former-Ambrose posted a gritty video to a rebranded Twitter account, revealing the return of his old indie persona, Jon Moxley.

The symbolism of the video is not subtle. In an angry rendition of The Shawshank Redemption, Moxley punches his way through prison walls - obviously, a metaphor for WWE - before climbing over a fence as he is chased by literal hounds of justice.

As he completes his deliverance, Moxley grabs a handful of barbed wire - his trademark weapon - and wraps it round his clenched fist as we see interspersed clips of him in training.

The teaser concluded with the letters 'MOX' sequentially spelling out on screen, confirming the return of Jon Moxley.

Ambrose - sorry, Moxley - exited WWE at the end of April following the expiration of his contract. He turned down a new offer to stay in January, and has spent the last month on a protracted valedictory tour - one a little too elaborate to feel quite real.

What Moxley's next move following this refresh will be is unclear, though assuming he's a free agent, Impact Wrestling or AEW seems a likely suitor. We expect this story to develop fairly quickly in the coming weeks.


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