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Death Dollz Crowned New IMPACT Wrestling KnockOuts Tag Team Championships At Bound For Glory

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: VXT (c) vs. Death Dollz

Jessicka and Chelsea start. Chelsea is kept in the face corner as Jess and Taya tag in and out. Chelsea escapes and tags Deonna. She cheap shots Taya, which sets up Taya getting the tag in. Taya slams Deonna down and stomps on the midsection, quick cover. Arm drag from Taya, cheap shot to Jessicka. Taya hits Pandemonium before chopping Deonna in the ropes. Deonna applies a headlock before tagging Chelsea. Deonna comes in to do a double suplex, but Taya suplexes both of them instead. Chelsea punches Jessicka on the apron. Taya uppercuts Chelsea and kicks Deonna. Jessicka comes in with a double clothesline. Sick kick to Deonna and jabs to Chelsea. Double crossbody from Jessicka, double cover. Chelsea attempts a couple covers. Taya suplexes Deonna. Pump kick from Chelsea. Taya shoves Chelsea into Jessicka for the Sick Driver and three count.

Winners and NEW: Death Dollz


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