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Deonna Purrazzo Crowned New IMPACT Knockout Champion

Collar and elbow brings the action to the corner. Purrazzo rolls out of the ring. Deonna comes back in and the two competitors trade arm wrenches. Grace gets the better and Deonna goes back out to buy some time. Great ad-lib talk by Purrazzo. Grace is fired up and suplexes Deonna. Purrazzo goes back to the outside but Grace dives on top of her to continue her attack. Jordynne rolls her back in the ring. Pin attempt only gets one.

Purrazzo begins to gain control with a series of leg drops on Grace’s arm. It becomes a focus for Deonna. Short arm clotheslines finally downs Grace and Deonna focuses on the arm. Grace gets her foot on the ropes. Hard elbow by Deonna. Some good mat work before Deonna gets the fujiwa armbar on Grace. Grace escapes but Deonna goes for a cross armbreaker. Fingers are locked and Grace once more gets to the ropes.

Grace hits a series of shoulder tackles on Deonna and the two show a good display of exhaustion. Grace cinches in a buzzkiller on Deonna. Deonna looks to be fading and the ref checks, but there is still life. Deonna escapes with a pin attempt. Grace bow and arrows Deonna on the ring post in a good corner move.

Deonna gives Grace an armbreaker on the apron utilizes the rope. Grace hits a falcon arrow for a close fall (doesn’t get all of it).

Deonna gets Grace in a triangle hold and Grace turns it into a pinfall but the match continues. The two struggle to get to their feet. They do and the two trade punches. Grace really selling the arm.

German suplex by Deonna. Grace returns the favor. Pump kick by Deonna. She kicks the arm of Grace and hits the pendulum snap suplex for a close fall.

Grace hits a series of knees and cannonballs in the corner to Purrazzo to try to get a pin, but Deonna still hangs on. Grace hammers away at Deonna. Grace hits an elbow. Jacknige pin attempt and Deonna locks in a very impressive double fujiwa armbar for the submission win!

WINNER and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo


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