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Destino NJPW Podcast - G1 Climax Final: The Golden Era

This weeks episode of Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast is double tap episode featuring @NotJargo discussing the latest from World Wonder Ring Stardom, and their Goddess tag league update. Then, Jargo sits down with Mr. John Enright to discuss the A Block, B Block, and G1 Finals. Other topics include:

Could the American audience behave like the Japanese during the pandemic?

A Block Final

  • Gedo's Booking Genius

  • Terrifying Suzuki

  • The Rise of The Empire

  • 158 Kicks

  • Ishii's ruins the J1

B Block Final

  • The worst match of the G1

  • Juice & Goto, disappointments of the tournament

  • The Ace gets one up on ZSJ

  • The only match Kenta cared about

  • The lesser of two Evil's

Wrestle Kingdom Announcements/Hopes/Fears G1 Finals

  • Douki for champ?

  • Taichi-Gun

  • Jr Tag Titles? Really?

  • Master Freakin' Wato

  • Potential Members For “The Empire”

  • Kota Ibushi goes Back To Back

  • Sloppy SANADA

Power Struggle Announcements G1 Awards Who watches Star Trek?

Host: Michael Jargo @NotJargo

Co-Host: John Enright @JReazyMin

Social Media @DestinoPod

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