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Destino NJPW Podcast - Wrestle Kingdom Night 2

This 2021 Premiere issue of Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast is presented in two parts to cover nights 1 and night 2 of Wrestle Kingdom 15!! Murder Ibush becomes God, GoD become tag champs, Kojima's a bad mother... Return of the RAINMAKER!, Evil is Jinder Mahal, put respect on Ishimori's name!, is Hiromu too big for the Jr Division? why is Zima a thing in Japan? and Wato in the WWE? Join the round table on this double tap episode!!

Direct Link:

This episode not mini van friendly. I tried to edit it as much as possible, know....

Host: Michael Jargo @NotJargo

Co-Host: Joe Morin @TBTalkPod Michael Davis @MadCrazyness 8 Trac Brown @8TracDastardly

Social Media @DestinoPod

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