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Directors Of NJPW Parent Company Take Huge Pay Cuts So No Jobs Are Lost

Earlier today, Bushiroad – the company that owns New Japan Pro-Wrestling and World Wonder Ring Stardom – announced that they would be cutting the salaries of executives in an effort t make sure everyone in the company is still employed.

According to the company (via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter), the company will be cutting pay from 15 to 95 percent depending on the person, and would stay in this pay cut period from May through September. This is being done in an effort to make sure no one in the company loses their job during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the full statement, check out below:

Due to the losses from the Pandemic, Bushiroad announced that the directors of Bushiroad and their group companies would have pay cut from 15 percent to 95 percent, depending on the person, for the five month period covering May through September, and then would return to the regular compensation. Every company in the group will have to cut expenses notably in advertising, promotion and through all facets. Employee salaries and bonuses will also be cut. New Japan Pro Wrestling will start running live events as soon as they are able to allow fans to attend shows, if not do empty arena shows first. You can see the difference in mentalities in that the people at the top took cuts, and some large cuts, but on the flip side, nobody in Bushiroad companies lost their jobs.


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