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Doc Gallows: Nothing In Wrestling Is Off-Limits In Talk'N Shop Universe

Doc Gallows says serious wrestling is well-respected by the Good Brothers, but nothing is off-limits when it comes to Talk’n Shop A-Mania.

“The Big LG” recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2’s debut on Friday and was asked about what they will—or won’t—poke fun at. With matches like the “Ball For A Ball” match and other crazy shenanigans, the Talk’n Shop team is back for another round that takes things to shocking and hilarious new heights. Gallows says he doesn’t think there’s anything that can’t be joked about, noting he’s fine being a punching bag himself, adding that the world they’ve created with Talk’n Shop allows everything to be a target.

“I don’t think that anything is sacred in pro wrestling. Everything is fair game once it happens. I’m fine to be mocked, obviously, so it’s OK,” Gallows said. “I say it like this—if you watch Talk’n Shop A-Mania, I was mocked the most so I can’t be mad at anything else that takes place. No, I don’t think that anything else is sacred because in the Talk’n Shop world, universe, whatever you want to call it, everything is up for grabs. Serious wrestling is serious wrestling and we have respect for that, but in the Talk’n Shop universe anything can happen.”

Gallows also hyped the roster they’ve assembled this time around, noting the diverse range of names that provide for a fun show.

“The list is pretty crazy. I’m sitting here thinking about it, from ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner to Shane Helms to Sami Callihan to [comedian] Taylor Williamson, to the Warlord and The Barbarian. Virgil, I thought we had to have him this time. Gangrel, we brought Mark Jindrak back to pay-per-view,” Gallows said. “just a ton of people that were with us on the first one, but a lot of those names I just mentioned were not. Annie Cruz, former adult film star, there’s a ton of people making crazy cameos on this thing and I think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. If you enjoyed the first one I think you’re going to love this one and if you don’t, you’re only out $15, so you can just be mad at us over the $15. I’ve spent $15 on far worse, I guarantee.”

Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2 debuts on Friday, November 13 at 10 pm on worldwide pay-per-view and on the FITE app. To get more information about their new wines and bourbon, as well as ticket information on the Talk’n Shop Live event at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, visit


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