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Doc Gallows Reveals Why The Good Brothers Signed With IMPACT Wrestling

WrestleZone's own Bill Pritchard interviewed new IMPACT signee Doc Gallows. During the interview Doc was asked why they decided to join IMPACT Wrestling over any other promotion?

Interviewer: You had a big week thats not to be understated, you were officially a free agent for a little bit and then you immediately announced that you're headed to IMPACT Wrestling. You appeared at Slammiversary and you were featured on last night's show so can you talk about you know how that whole deal came together? What really made IMPACT the right place for you and Karl?

Doc Gallows: Yeah we weren't free agents for very long at all because Scott D'Amore and IMPACT Wrestling were aggressively recruiting us for about 15 minutes after it was made official that we were released. You know Scott, & Karl & I have a long history together. He [Scott D'Amore] met Karl you know 15 years ago. Karl was a student to Roger Ruffen in Ohio. I have known of Scott but not known him personally until my first tenure in TNA. And when I was leaving there I had a one year contract with a one year option for more money. And they wanted to keep me and didn't want to raise the pay and I thought you know I should go and try to bet on myself. So Scott was working with Nick Aldis at the time with his contract and Nick actually linked me together with with Scott.

Scott was kind of the guy who you know turned the wheels on getting [me] into New Japan and once the bookers over there saw me, they saw the tape, they thought that and Karl [and I] would be a good fit and the rest is kind of history from there.

But we have always been friendly with Scott ever since.

What made it so attractive was as you saw last night on the IMPACT TV show was their willingness to kind of co-promote our brand because its not just the wrestling anymore for a lot of the talent out there on television. It's your own brand and co-promotion, we're talking Talk N' Shop podcast, we're talking Talk N' Shop A Mania, which will air live on pay-per-view on FITE TV . [on] August 1st 9PM $14.95 TVMA. Kids get your parents permission.

But that was a very attractive thing, helping us kinda co-promote the brand and us wearing the IMPACT hat was kind of part of the deal and that's what made it so attractive to us. And it's been very cool so far, even thought it's in its infancy, I think it's going to continue to be a hell of a lot of buzz coming out of Slammiversary. Saturday night IMPACT was trending number one on Twitter which I don't think they have done in a while. And you know we had that tweet announcing our signing was analytically the best tweet in the history of IMPACT. I think that it's been mutually beneficial, you know already so far, and [its] creating great buzz for everybody. We hope to continue doing the same thing.

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