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Don Callis Says New AEW Champion Kenny Omega Will Appear On IMPACT Wrestling Next Week

Kenny Omega won the AEW World Championship against Jon Moxley on tonight's Dynamite: Winter is Coming.

Don Callis joined commentary to call the match, but eventually made his way to the ring to check on Omega after he took a tough suplex to the floor late in the match. Moxley continued the fight, but Callis got on a microphone to tell the referee Omega is hurt. Moxley blasted Callis with a punch, and the microphone ended up in the ring. Omega took the mic, hit Moxley with it, and then finished off the champion with one winged angel for the big victory.

Afterwards, Callis grabbed the title and helped Omega run out of the venue — past an angry Tony Khan and AEW roster — and towards a waiting vehicle. Alex Marvez was nearby and asked Callis what just happened. Callis responded we would find out Tuesday on AXS TV (Impact Wrestling). Omega is going to be on the show as it looks like there's now a partnership between Impact and AEW.

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