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Dynasty Executive Produce The Best Episode Of MLW Fusion Ever

The following description of this week’s FUSION has been provided by its executive producers: Richard Holliday, MJF, Alex Hammerstone and Gino Medina – collectively known as The Dynasty. For 60 minutes your unspectacular, unattractive and financially underwhelming lives will sample the rarified air of excellence as the greatest athletes of any era invite you to their vision of Major League Wrestling. It will be a dynastic night in Dallas as the Dynasty present TWO title matches where we guarantee all the gold is coming home to the Dynasty. In the main event Dallas will finally experience a championship team that brings dignity, honor and affluence to a city long in need of it.  After being screwed by a crooked referee at SuperFight, the World Tag Team Titles are coming home to Richard Holliday and MJF when they finally catch those cowardly Texas born Hawaiian hillbillies the Von Erichs.  Witness history and watch children cry as the goofy Von Erich boys are dethroned and women line-up to kiss and party with the most dynastic force in tag team wrestling: Richard Holliday and MJF. Viewers will be awe as they take a ride on Muscle Mountain when Alexander Hammerstone defends the National Openweight Championship against Aerostar.  Experience the newest ride with the longest line as Muscle Mountain dominates the competition with a tan that radiates excellence.  Oh… and we also are allowing Konnan to briefly appear on our show. Konnan? You know, the guy who calls himself “the Hulk Hogan of Mexico” despite having NO tan and looking like the stroked out old guy in Breaking Bad.  Anyway, the Narcos villain of the week wannabe will offer up a luchador for Gino Medina to destroy and prove he is what he is (unlike Konnan): truly untouchable.  Then again, who would want to touch Konnan? Gross.  Plus, our lumbering giant Grogan will flex his muscle (and valet our Bugattis)! Join a man allergic to sunlight Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and that eclectic Canadian dialect of Alicia Toot-Toot for a dynastic night in Dallas. Matches: •World Tag Team Title Match: The Von Erichs (Champion) vs. MJF & Richard Holliday •National Openweight Title Match Alexander Hammerstone vs. Aerostar  •Septimo Dragon vs. Gino "El Incotable" Medina


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