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EC3 Gets Physical In The Ring In New "Control Your Narrative" Video

EC3 released a video on his social platforms with a "Control Your Narrative" theme running throughout it.

They captioned the video with, "The Narrative. You are essential. You are not forgiven. You have been warned.#TheNarrative#FreeEC3#ControlYourNarrative".

The camera follows EC3 throughout the video, and it starts with him on a rooftop, overlooking the city on a sunny day. He retrieves a pill bottle that says "Numb" from his jacket pocket, dumps some of the bottle's contents into his palm, and then chooses a red pill. The camera doesn't directly show it but implies that he places the pill in his mouth. He throws the remainder of the bottle off the building and turns to exit.

As "Ethan Carter III" walks through the city streets, people in "Free EC3" hoodies and face masks begin following him. A sign that says "Control Your Narrative" with the phone number "(407)-969-5372" is shown briefly. The followers gather at a fire while the former WWE star burns all of the merchandise the company had previously created from his gimmick.

The next thing we see, EC3 appears in some sort of warehouse where a ring is set up. There are people surrounding the ring cheering while others play poker and smoke cigars. A man with multiple tattoos named Merton Woolard steps into the ring and meets Carter face to face.

The two trade some strikes until EC3 pulls Woolard from the corner with a short arm clothesline. Merton tries once more to lay in some offence but EC3 hits a belly to belly toss followed by an Olympic slam. He continues the onslaught of violence towards Merton until EC3 hits a reverse DDT, saying "You have been warned". EC3 finishes him with a variation of the crossface.

EC3 concludes the video by saying, "You have been warned". We see the credits start to scroll.

As noted, a number of former WWE stars that were released back in April, including EC3, Eric Young, Heath Slater and others have been rumored for spots on the Impact roster. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have already confirmed that they signed with the company.


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