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EC3’s ‘Free The Narrative’ Headed To FITE TV In July

For those that missed out on “Free The Narrative” when it premiered in May, the event will be available to watch again next month.

In a post on Twitter Wednesday, Cardona shared the news that the event will premiere on FITE TV on July 3, 2021. For those unaware, the highlight of the night was a ‘fight’ between Cardona and EC3, and was a special event that aimed to give fans a unique professional wrestling and cinematic experience based on EC3’s “Control Your Narrative” movement.

Featuring talent from all major ‘three letter’ wrestling brands, the event aimed to allow a handful of superstars the ability to have unimpeded freedom from their respective creative teams, and act on their own accord. The event will be available starting on July 3 at 4 p.m. ET, and available for purchase starting at $14.99.

You can pre-order the event now, or wait until July 3 in order to dive in and experience the event again or for the first time.


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