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EC3 Teases Jump To ROH In New Promo, Says ‘There Is No Honor In What We Do’

EC3 has been very active on Twitter since his release from WWE back in April, and he posted a new promo today with the caption: ‘There is no honor in what we do.’ This culminates with him standing in front of a projection of the ROH logo.

He said: “Professional wrestling is not a noble endeavor. It is not a dream job. There is no honor in what we do. Spray tans and baby oil and make-up to cover our blemishes. There is no honor in what we do. Colorful gear, banger theme music, catchphrases that sell you a t-shirt. There is no honor in what we do. Ratings, buyrates, what’s to gain? Are we here for passion or are we here for profit? In this industry we create these ‘gimmicks’ to cover our true identity and we do what with it? We complain on social media. Never confrontational, of course. We shake each other’s hands only to eventually stab each other in the back. We ‘verbatimly’ read a script like a mindless drone. And then we laugh at our bosses’ jokes. [Laughs] ‘Good one boss!’ Even when they suck. We trade backstage information to bump up our star ratings and we politic, politic, politic, politic. There is no honor in what we do. Honor is in purpose. Honor is in breaking yourself down only to create a greater spirit. Honor is in the good fight. You have been warned.

This is interesting since during last night's broadcast of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV, EC3's theme song was played after Moose defeated Hernandez after successfully defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Either EC3 is telling us that he in fact is going to Ring of Honor or he's just trying to hide the fact that he is going to IMPACT but wants to swerve us to keep things under wrap.

Here is the latest EC3 video where he teases signing with ROH:


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