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Eddie Edwards: ”I Want To Be Known As That IMPACT Wrestling Guy’

IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards recently spoke with Kevin Stone of Believe In Boston Sports and discussed how it feels to be the face of a company during the COVID-19 pandemic. Edwards said he’s honored to have his position. “‘Especially right now during this pandemic, it’s such an important time for the company,” said Edwards via Stone. “‘We’re trying to almost rebrand or restart the company after some things that went on. In the match, I won the title we had to change numerous times. So to be the guy that has been hand-picked to be like, ‘Alright, we want you to be the guy to help lead the way,’ it’s something I take absolute pride in.'”

Edwards made it clear that he wants to be the one everyone associates with IMPACT Wrestling. “‘I want to be known as that Impact Wrestling guy,'” said Edwards via Stone. “‘There’s a reason I stayed here for six years. I believe in what we’re doing and I want to be the guy in the locker room that people look to. I’m always going to do everything I’d ask anyone else to. I want to be the one leaving it all in the ring and helping us move forward.'”

Finally, when asked whether wrestling is on its way to another golden age, Edwards gave a diplomatic answer. “‘It’s tough to compare to back then,'” said Edwards via Stone. “‘We all grew up watching that era and loved that era. I think there’s a nostalgia that people are trying to bring the current product back to. Those people are fighting the wrong battle. Let’s make this time special for the reasons we have going on. There are so many different companies booming. Especially before the pandemic, the independents were kicking a–.'”

Edwards emphasized the importance of appreciating this era on its own. “‘It’s just a new time and I feel like there’s a new level of respect for pro wrestling,'” said Edwards via Stone. “‘It’s more about trying to create something new and fresh as opposed to trying to be what they were back in that era.'”


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