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Eddie Edwards Is The New IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion

In The Main Event:

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship

Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Rich Swann vs. Eric Young

Everyone gets introduced and the first reveal (yes, first) is a healthy Rich Swann who clearly doesn’t need crutches. Next to make the big reveal is Eric Young. “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” He announces that this match is now a five-way.

Bell rings and it’s Swann and Young locking it up as Ace launches Trey into the barricade. Edwards gets suplezed by EY. Swann dropkicks EY. Trey comes in and he and Swan go at it. Swann headscissors Trey down. Eddie looks to continue his attack on Ace Austin but Fulton interferes before getting ejected.

Edwards later chops away at EY and then does the same to Swann who is sandwiched against EY. Knee to Swann. Edwards bombs Swann on top of EY. Ace has a sequences of moves as Swann hits a cutter on Miguel. EY soon hits down Edwards before Trey attacks EY. EY is busted open above the eye.

Trey and ACe really get a chance to showcase their stuff. Hard shots by Miguel. Trey does the same with Swann before knocking him out of the ring. Trey avoids a lariat by Edwards but feels the knees of Swann on the outside in a crazy spot.

Edwards and Ace go at it . Edwards forearms him down and goes for a tiger driver. Trey then gets crotched in the corner by Ace when he backs Eddie in the corner. Eddie pancakes Ace down. Tiger driver by Eddie. Trey saves Ace. EY hits a piledriver on Trey and eliminates him.


EY tries to pin everyone else but no dice. Later on, EY hits some crazy offense on Swann as EY becomes unhinged. Rich hits EY with a wild bulldog. Eddie boots Ace from ascending the top rope. He drags Ace up top and Swann soons find himself in the mix. So does EY who has Rich up in a powerbomb and drives him into Eddie and Ace. They fall to the outside through a table and the two are out of commission. EY talks trash and mocks Rich who is out as he takes his time, Swann rolls EY up out of nowhere and he gets eliminated.


EY goes nuts and assaults the injured knee of Rich Swann. He even wedges a chair onto Swann’s leg and stomps on it. Facemasked security finally shows up as EY yells, “You brought this on yourself!” EY exits as Swann screams in agony.

Ace Austin gets back in the action and the resilient Swann gets some close falls onto Austin but Ace hits his signature move and gets eliminated.


It’s down to Ace and Eddie. Ace is grinning as both get to their feet. The two trade boots and then punches. This continues for quite awhile. Rapid chops by Edwards and Ace is in pain. Superkick by Ace which downs Eddie. Ace struggles to recover. Ace charges and belly to belly suplexes Ace into the opposite corner. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for the false finish. Ace soon hits The Volt and a false finish again. A second Boston Knee Party by Edwards who then hits The Die Hard Plosion for the victory.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Eddie Edwards


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