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Eli Drake Explains Why He Re-Signed With Impact Wrestling

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

Former Impact Wrestling Champion Eli Drake is on a quest for respect, and it looks like he'll be doing it within the company for a while.

This summer, Eli Drake passed up other offers and opportunities to stick with Impact Wrestling as they announced he'd re-signed. When speaking with on a media call recently, Drake revealed his thought process about hanging around in Impact, despite the changing landscape in the business.

"I know a lot of people were tolling the death nail for me as far as my stay at Impact. At times I even thought I was going to move on as I had other offers. I did an audit of my life at the time. I enjoy where I'm living, I enjoy the money I'm making, I'm living comfortably. I was like, 'why change anything right now?' If I decide in the next year or so to change anything, of course I still have that option. For now, it's 'let's step back and look at my life. Do I like it?' Yeah, so I'm not going anywhere," Drake said.

Drake has been locked in a feud with Abyss for the last couple of months, dating back to Bound For Glory, which culminates at Impact Wrestling's Homecoming event in January in Nashville, TN.

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