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Eric Young Crowned New IMPACT World Champion

During tonight's episode of IMPACT which aired on 09/01/2020 Eddie Edwards defended his IMPACT World Championship against recently returning veteran Eric Young. The match went as follows.

The bell rings and Eddie comes charging. Both get off to a violent start. Eddie Manhattan drops and suplexes Young. Pin attempt, but kick out.

Eddie chops Young in the corner. Young returns the favor, but so does Eddie in the opposite corner. Young however drops Eddie’s neck over the ropes as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Eddie is firing away at Young with a flurry before slugging him down and baseball sliding underneath his legs to drop Young’s face on the apron. Edwards rolls him back into the ring, but then goes to suplex him on the apron. YOung fights him off and the two trade punches. Young hits a neckbreaker on the apron. Eddie is out as Young rolls him back in the ring. He elbows Eddie’s head over the ring before a pin attempt. Kick out.

Eddie soon chops back but Young catches him with a running neckbreaker. Another kick out. Eric stomps away at the champ before choking him on the bottom rope. He then does the same with the middle rope. Young stomps him more in the corner. Another ravishing neckbreaker. Two count. He focuses on the neck of Eddie as he wrenches away on the mat.

Eddie elbows free, but a hard forearm by Young downs him. He hits him with a second forearm shiver. Young goes to lariat him down but Eddie tosses him with a throwaway Blue thunder bomb. Both men are down.

Both men answer the ten count. Eddie flurries away with punches and chops. Eric is slouched in the corner. Edwards tosses him into the opposite side, but the two go back and forth. Eddie hits a backpack stunner for a two count. Both men are slow to their feet.Young charges at Eddie in the corner, Eddie kicks him and then goes for a super plex. Young punches and bites him off. He leaps off with an elbow drop and gets a very near fall at two. Young screams in frustration.

Young wheelbarrows Eddie but the champ lands on his feet and the two trade chops. Eddie soon catches Young with boot that sends EY crashing into the barricade on the outside. Eddie leaps onto Young and it looks like Eddie buckles his knee on it. The action gets back to the ring and Eddie hits a tiger driver. Eddie grabs his knee and it allows EY to kick out.

EY bails as Eddie aims for a Boston KNee Party. Eddie dives once more onto the outside crashing onto Young. EY rolls back in the ring as he fights the ref for the title. The ref pulls it free and as he sets it aside, EY smacks Eddie with his hockey mask. He hits the Piledriver and we have a new champion!

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Eric Young

Post-victory, Eric is not done. He takes out the knee of Eddie and then leg locks Eddie in the middle of the ring. Out comes security to break it up. Eddie screams in pain as EY walks off with the World Title over his shoulder.


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