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Eric Young On Why Impact Wrestling Is Better Than WWE

Eric Young talked about why he is proud to be a part of Impact Wrestling: “What is cool about Impact is all the different flavors. There’s no mandate saying, ‘ok these are what wrestlers do, this is how you sell, this is how you put a match together, these are the rules.’ It is more loose which in my interpretation allows for creativity. You’re going to see creativity on the Impact show not allowed in other places. There’s one thing and one way to do it in the WWE and that’s his (Vince’s) way and there is no other way. In Impact, this is a group thing. It’s about pro wrestling which I think is the most important thing. This is a pro wrestling product. They (WWE) can deny that they are not a pro wrestling product and they are an entertainment product. They can do whatever they want because they are the big dog. But the reality is, Impact is a pro wrestling product put together by pro wrestlers for wrestling fans. To be on, in my opinion, the number one wrestling show of the week, there is no better place for me to be right now.”

Check out the clip below and listen to Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation.

Credit Busted Open Radio & for the transcription.

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