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Eric Young Says Impact Wrestling May Be The Only Wrestling Company That Is Currently Growing

In an interview with SportsKeeda, Eric Young discussed how he thinks Impact Wrestling might be the only wrestling company that is growing right now, how exciting it is to not feel handcuffed, and how he and the other big names that joined Impact recently all chose to go to Impact. His comments are below.

On how he thinks Impact Wrestling might be the only wrestling company that is growing right now: “It’s exciting to think, the position I’m in and the fact that IMPACT is definitely a collaborative effort which, for any person who is any kind of performer, there is nothing more rewarding than that. It’s very very understated but ultra-talented writing and creative team and really, the sky is the limit. There is a budget and we don’t have unlimited money, and they’ve not been around for 100 years but it’s at the crux. I think everybody can feel the groundswell and IMPACT Wrestling at this point is trending up, even in the pandemic. It might be the only wrestling company that is growing and I think there’s a lot to be said about that.

On how exciting it is to not feel handcuffed: “When we get back in front of live crowds, maybe possibly in the future start doing live shows and roadshows, expanding the roster, developing the current members of the roster, making it better week in and week out, that’s what everyone wants to do. That is exciting to be part of that. I can’t say that enough. Literally, I’m bursting. My soul, it feels so good to be in a place like that where you don’t feel as handcuffed and you’re not pushed into a corner. Everyone is allowed to excel and do what they do, that’s what IMPACT Wrestling is about. It’s about showing everyone’s strengths and highlighting them.”

On how he and other big names recently joining Impact are there because they choose to be there: “Me showing up on your show in the pro wrestling world is a big deal. Those guys coming here are choosing to go here. None of us had a gun against our heads. I don’t need to work here. I’m working at IMPACT because I choose to. I don’t need work. I’ve been very smart. I lead a very humble and smart life and the truth is that I don’t need to be there. I choose to be there because that’s what I want. I know the other guys are in the same position as me. No one financially needs to be there. They want to be there and business is business but the truth is, this has been three years of tons of blood, sweat and tears. Not mine, not Gallows and Anderson, not Heath, not EC3 – we were elsewhere. I’m not patting myself on the back for where IMPACT is. But I am saying that I will be a big part of where it’s going – and so will the other guys.”


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