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Erick Rowan Appears On AEW Dynamite Pays Tribute To Brodie Lee

Erick Redbeard (fka Erick Rowan) made an appearance on AEW Dynamite tonight.

During a six-man tag team match between the Dark Order and the Inner Circle, Wardlow entered the ring to interfere on behalf of his team, but was cut off by the debuting Redbeard. Chris Jericho initially said, "It's Erick Rowan!" but Schiavone quickly corrected him to say it was Erick Redbeard. Big Red would then hit Wardlow with the Iron Claw Chokeslam, and chase MJF's muscle off to the back.

After the Dark Order picked up the 1-2-3, Redbeard joined Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Hangman Page in the ring to celebrate. Fighting back tears, Brodie Lee's former tag partner then held up a sign that read, "Goodbye for now, my brother. See you down the road."

The message actually has a deeper meaning, as Redbeard explained in an Instagram post earlier this week:

"He would always look forward to getting home to his family. After every loop he would say to me, 'Goodbye Forever', because he would want his 1 or two days with them, to feel like forever."

Redbeard and Lee were inseparable during their time together in WWE. The two debuted in WWE NXT in 2012 as apart of the Wyatt Family, and would go on to win tag team gold together at WrestleMania 34 as the Bludgeon Brothers.

For ongoing results from AEW Dynamite: Brodie Lee Celebration of Life, click here. You can watch Rowan's appearance in the videos below:

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