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Ethan Page Comments On The Possibility Of AEW And Impact Working Together

As a member of Impact Wrestling, Ethan Page was a part of the Over The Budget Battle Royale at All In. Since then he's retreated back to Impact while All In has developed into AEW and the two sides are now in competing promotions.

Page spoke to Wrestling Inc. on today's edition of the WINCLY podcast where he revealed if he stays in contact with the All In crew that is now a part of AEW.

"These guys are my friends so keeping in touch with them outside of business stuff is naturally gonna happen," said Page. "I want nothing but the best from all the guys because it's good for pro wrestling.

AEW and AAA have already announced a partnership, and Page believes that Impact Wrestling could eventually team up with AEW as well.

"I wouldn't put it past Impact and AEW working together in a sense that the Jericho Cruise had a mix of those guys," stated Page.

Wrestlers now have as many options as they, perhaps, have ever had and Page was asked if the current wrestling scene was motivating.

"100 percent. I've got a ways to go on my Impact contract, but I want to make myself as valuable to them as possible. So, if and when the time arises, and it's time to talk money, they see more value then what they're giving me now, or somewhere else sees the value and the work I've been putting in and is willing to pay it," stated Page.

"The biggest thing for me now is that with a family, I'm putting myself in a position to earn as much as possible and bring it home to my wife and kids. So, making myself as 'worth money' as possible."

Speaking of his family, Page recently became a new dad and he talked about being a father while also breaking out in wrestling.

"It's great - I go out of my way to make sure I'm home as much as impossible, which kinda sucks for the job we have," said Page. "But it's great and I appreciate my time away from wrestling."

Ethan Page can be seen on Impact Wrestling every Friday night at 10 pm EST via Pursuit and Twitch.

Ethan's full interview with Wrestling Inc was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Ethan discusses The North's Impact Wrestling debut, tag teams main eventing Rebellion, Don Callis pushing him to get in shape, the possibility of AEW and Impact working together and more.


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