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EXCLUSIVE: Dragon Lee To Sign Contract with ROH, Join His Brother Rush

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

One of Mexico’s most exciting wrestler, Dragon Lee, will now be exclusive to Ring of Honor, according to a source within ROH. The two sides are in the final stages of a deal that would see the 23-year-old CMLL regular join his brother, Rush, in the Sinclair Broadcasting promotion.

Back when CMLL rudo Rush signed with ROH, it was wondered if Dragon Lee would also sign with the company. The CMLL Lightweight Champion has wrestled many times for the promotion and has been an emerging part of the junior division in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Recently, Major League Wrestling (MLW) appeared more interested in his services, with the company giving a big push to his brother. But, as the Rush signing proved, the CMLL-ROH relationship was a big push for locking up the Muñoz brothers.

Lee is regarded as the better athlete of the Muñoz family. Him, Mistico (II) and Rush are the main leaders in their Friday night shows. Lee has been out of the CMLL picture in the latter part of 2018. He was a participant in Exathlon Mexico and his last big match was in July in the NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco, where he famously injured Hiromu Takahashi.  In CMLL, Lee tagged regularly with his brother Mistico and Caristico in the main events.

ROH Wins Big… Again

Now, in 2019, Lee, like Rush and Bandido, will play a big role in ROH.  The company is in need of big stars, specially Lucha stars. After the departure of The Young Bucks, Cody, and SoCal Uncensored, the company went and brought guys like Brody King, PCO, and Mark Haskins. MLW seemed to be the leader in the US on how to book Lucha Libre talent, but, recently, ROH has been more aggressive on acquiring such talent.

Lee’s deal will only let him work for ROH in the US. He will still be a regular for CMLL as his brother Rush. He’s already a key player in the Best of Super Junior tournament in New Japan and is very popular in his matches in Japan. In CMLL, Lee is not used at his full potential, primarily because of how young he is. The promising star has accomplished more than any Mexican star that is 25 years or younger.


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