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Expect A Bidding War Between AEW & IMPACT Wrestling Over EC3

The word ‘underused’ gets thrown around a ton when it comes to the WWE roster, as they have more talent than they could ever dream to use. Sometimes this will lead to someone getting completely lost in the shuffle when they were ready to be an instant star. This is the case with one man who was recently released by WWE, that being EC3. After a short run in NXT where he had a few great matches at NXT Takeover events, including the critically acclaimed NXT North American Championship ladder match. However, once he hit Monday Night RAW, he was dead on arrival. Now finally free from WWE, the wrestling world will be reminded why EC3 was a name to be feared.

Pre-COVID-19 the independent wrestling scene was red hot, companies such as MLW & NWA made a comeback both offering a loyal fan base and weekly show available via YouTube. IMPACT Wrestling now has it's own Television deal with AXS TV and its own streaming service IMPACT Plus. AEW has a very lucrative deal with TNT and is considered by many as the must watch wrestling promotion. Now the question is where will EC3 go?

EC3 could be another top star to return to Impact Wrestling.

While EC3 might have gotten his start in WWE as Derrick Bateman, it was Impact Wrestling that made him into an absolute star. Alongside Eric Young, EC3 is expected to return back to Impact Wrestling where he found much success in the past. EC3 is a two time Impact World Heavyweight Champion, and also a former Grand Champion. He spent the bulk of his time in Impact Wrestling as a top name, and he could instantly enter a feud with Tessa Blanchard over the Impact World Heavyweight Championship and no one would question it.

Taking Drake Maverick with him wherever he goes.

While we never got to see their partnership blossom on WWE TV, EC3 and Drake Maverick are very close friends backstage. They have had some wars together in Impact Wrestling, and have been best friends ever since. Their social media antics are always amazing, and while they will no longer have Universal Champion Braun Strowman by their sides, they will likely stick together. They have great potential as a tag team act, and they would become instant favorite characters on a program like Being The Elite.

EC3 is the type of talent who needed his WWE release. He was just being sat on the sidelines while his prime passes him by. No matter where he ends up, be it Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, Mexico, Japan, he will become a star and show WWE they messed up. He now controls his own narrative, and he is going to be a dangerous man. Where do you think EC3 will go now that he is free from WWE?

We at Indy Pro Wrestling think it will boil down to IMPACT Wrestling & AEW. Impact Wrestling has been very solid since around 2018 and is still a great alternative to WWE. AEW is the hot wrestling promotion which has a national tv deal with lots of exposure. AEW can be a great fit for EC3 were he can instantly be one of their top guys. We can see him being put into a feud with MJF or even join the Elite. With AEW putting a big importance on win/loss records they can take a page out of IMPACT Wrestling's playbook and book him on a winning streak. The possibilities are endless but big money will need to be thrown at EC3 as he has the potential to become the face of any professional wrestling company similar to how WWE had John Cena.


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