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Former IMPACT Wrestling Commentator Don West Passes Away At Age 59

On December 30, Mike Tenay, West’s longtime broadcast partner, announced that West passed away due to his battle with lymphoma. Tenay noted that he had heard the news from his wife Terri. He reflected on their relationship and stated that he and West bonded as soon as they met. He called him a friend and stated that they had years of great moments both on and off camera.

The beloved commentator had been battling brain lymphoma for the past several months; he shared his initial diagnosis in June 2021 before he later said he was in remission. West announced that the cancer had returned in January 2022.

West had a legendary run with TNA; he worked as a color commentator in the promotion’s early years. He and Tenay were renowned for their work as a duo. West also promoted merchandise on his “Don West’s Insane Daily Deals” show. He also had a brief run as Amazing Red’s manager. Additionally, West had a key role in TNA’s merchandise department before he left the company in 2012. He later returned to the company in 2017.

Outside of wrestling, West was known for his radio show.

IMPACT Wrestling also tweeted the following on the passing of Don West.

Indy Pro Wrestling sends its condolences to West’s family, friends, and fans.


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