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FTR Crowned New IWGP Tag Team Champions At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door

Winner Takes All Match for the IWGP Tag Team Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship: Jeff Cobb and Great-O-Khan vs. FTR vs. Roppongi Vice

Harwood and Romero start the bout and feel each other out. Cobb tags in, and Harwood chops him. Cobb trucks over him, but Romero tags in. Harwood floors him with a forearm, and FTR double-teams the veteran. Harwood seemingly hurts his shoulder and exits the ring, where the doctor checks on him. Romero gains the upper hand as Harwood is taken to the back.

Great-O-Khan tags in and overpowers Wheeler. He sits on Wheeler’s head, and Cobb blasts him with a clothesline. Beretta tags in and suplexes Great-O-Khan. He drops the powerhouse with a DDT. Cobb reverses a DDT and slams Beretta. Romero takes Cobb down with a hurricanrana. Great-O-Khan slams Romero onto the apron. Trent floors Great-O-Khan with a Spear.

Roppongi Vice is in control, but Wheeler tags in and clears house. By himself, he brings it to United Empire, but Great-O-Khan slams him. The powerhouse sends Romero flying with a shoulder tackle. Harwood comes back to the ring with his shoulder taped up. Wheeler tags him, and Harwood gains the upper hand with a flurry of offense. A one-man warrior, Harwood keeps fighting. He suplexes Cobb a few times. Wheeler gets a two count with a frog splash.

Romero tags in and snaps Great-O-Khan’s arm over the ropes. He and Wheeler drop Great-O-Khan with a spike piledriver. Cobb counters the Strong Zero with a powerbomb. He hits a standing moonsault on Romero. The United Empire duo double-teams Beretta. Roppongi Vice rallies and hits Strong Zero for a two count. Romero gets a two count with an inside cradle. FTR hits the Big Rig for the win.

Winners and new IWGP Tag Team Champions: FTR


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