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Full Recap Of Kenny Omega On IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Mathews meets Kenny Omega and Don Callis for their interview. Mathews begins the interview by asking how long this idea of AEW and Impact forming an alliance began. Don Callis takes Mathews down memory lane and describes how he first met Kenny Omega when he was 10-years-old. Callis wants the fans to know that he didn't come back to be a podcast host or color commentator in New Japan. He says everything he's done was part of the plan. Callis wants to set the history books right; he wants the world to see what a true champion looks like.

Mathews follows that statement by asking if Omega tarnished his championship reign by doing everything he told Jon Moxley he wouldn't do: cheat to win. Omega knows he made a gentlemen's agreement with Moxley, but he had a point to prove. Omega lists off all of his accomplishments and asks Mathews to respect him more.

Omega says as long as he has the AEW World Championship, he has plenty of time to travel, as well as collect more things. He says he doesn't want to spoil anything, but tomorrow night, he has a big announcement. The only hint he gives is Lex Luger. Omega bids everyone a farewell before leaving the interview.

That concludes this week's episode. For those who did not get to see this episode live, an encore presentation is available to watch down below. Thanks for watching!

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