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G1 Climax 30- Night 3 Results (9/23/2020)

New Japan Pro Wrestling continued their 30th annual G1 Climax tournament on Wednesday. The show was headlined by a rematch from last year’s tournament finals, as “King Switchblade” Jay White faced off against the man that is trying to become God, Kota Ibushi. After 20 minutes of hard-hitting action, White spiked Ibushi on his head with Bladerunner to avenge last year’s loss to the Golden Star.

White wasn’t the only foreign talent keeping his win streak alive, as Will Ospreay eked out a win against Tomohiro Ishii in a blistering contest. Ishii seemed intent on pushing his CHAOS teammate to his limit. This was not the only intra-faction warfare on Wednesday’s show.

“The Holy Emperor” Taichi got a surprise win over “The King” Minoru Suzuki, in a match that seemed to shake up the order of Suzuki-gun. The plunder-filled brawl saw Suzuki and Taichi spend most of the match whacking each other with chairs and throwing stiff strikes. Taichi countered the Gotch Piledriver with Black Mephisto to get the upset and the two points. Suzuki, embarrassed, retreated to the back, while Taichi stood tall in the ring. What does the future hold for Suzuki-gun? Time, and time alone, will tell.

Elsewhere on the card, The Rainmaker submitted The Tokyo Pimp to seemingly put a pin in their endless summer feud. Jeff Cobb got a dominant win over Shingo Takagi, who slumps to (0-2) in the early stages of round robin competition. Gabriel Kidd tied up the record between all three Young Lions, when he got a hard-fought win over Yuya Uemura in the opening contest.

NJPW G1 Climax 30

Night 3

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Gabriel Kidd (1-1) def. Yuya Uemura (1-1) by pinfall via Double Arm Suplex. (7:21)

A Block Match: Jeff Cobb (2) def. Shingo Takagi (0) by pinfall via Tour of the Islands. (11:45)

A Block Match: Kazuchika Okada (2) def. Yujiro Takahashi (0) by submission via Money Clip. (12:01)

A Block Match: Taichi (4) def. Minoru Suzuki (2) by pinfall via Black Mephisto. (12:12)

A Block Match: Will Ospreay (4) def. Tomohiro Ishii (0) by pinfall via Stormbreaker. (18:22)

A Block Match: Jay White (4) def. Kota Ibushi (2) by pinfall via Bladerunner. (20:29)

G1 Climax 30 will resume on Sept. 24th at 5:30am ET on

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