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GCW Amerikaz Most Wanted Results (12/16/2022)

Game Changer Wrestling presents Amerikaz Most Wanted 2022 from the Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles, California. Ten matches are penciled in for the show, including Nick Gage defending the GCW World Championship against Tony Deppen. Gage faces the former Ring of Honor World Television Champion on the back of successful title defenses against Lio Rush, George South, and Cole Radrick, respectively. Meanwhile, Deppen is currently on a four-match undefeated streak in GCW heading into the title clash; the one-time GCW Extreme Champion last defeated Billie Starkz at GCW One Afternoon Only earlier this month.

Announced card prior to the show

* Nick Gage (c) vs. Tony Deppen for the GCW World Championship

* Joey Janela (c) vs. Pagano for the GCW Extreme Championship

* Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) (c) vs. The RockNES Monsters (BHK and Yuma) for the GCW World Tag Team Championship

* Matt Cardona vs. Starboy Charlie

* Effy vs. Charles Mason

* El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Blake Christian (per AAA guidelines, this match will not be streamed)

* Cole Radrick vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne vs. Alec Price vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Titus Alexander in a Scramble match

* Dark Sheik vs. Masha Slamovich

* Hunter Freeman vs. Sawyer Wreck

* Arez, ASF, and Komander vs. Gringo Loco, Latigo, and Toxin in a six-man tag team match

Scramble Match Opens The Show and Matt Cardona vs. Starboy Charlie

Cole Radrick vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne vs. Alec Price vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Titus Alexander in a Scramble match

Cartwheel does a cartwheel before the action begins. Price attempted a cartwheel, but he couldn't entirely execute it. All six performers avoided each other's moves. Price and Radrick went back and forth inside the ring. Alexander took Radrick down and sent him to the floor. Alexander then pulled off a cartwheel. Wayne entered the ring and battled Alexander. Wayne and Oliver worked together to take out Price. Cartwheel used his impressive offense to send Oliver and Wayne to the outside. Cartwheel dived from the top turnbuckle to the floor. 

Radrick and Cartwheel exchanged shots in the center of the ring. Wayne and Alexander fought. Alexander delivered a combination of moves. Oliver returned to break up Alexander's cover. Oliver began to build momentum. Price stopped Oliver in his tracks. Price planted Oliver's face into the canvas. Cartwheel returned and took out Price. Cartwheel leaped over the top rope to the floor. Radrick performed a moonsault from the apron. Wayne followed up with a moonsault to the outside from the top turnbuckle. Oliver, Price, and Alexander also leaped over the top rope. 

Back inside the ring, Alexander delivered a double stomp to Cartwheel. Price and Cartwheel fought for the advantage. Every performer in the match pulled off a quick succession of moves. Cartwheel connected with a Shooting Star from the top to win. 

Winner: Jack Cartwheel via pinfall

Matt Cardona spoke on the microphone before his match with Starboy Charlie. Cardona spoke about his frustrations with GCW owner Brett Lauderdale; he claims he was booked in a middle seat for his flight to the show and had to get changed for his match in an alley. 

Matt Cardona vs. Starboy Charlie

Cardona took his time to lock up with Charlie. Cardona backed Charlie into the corner of the ring. Charlie responded by sending Cardona down with a DDT. Charlie followed up with a dive to the outside to take out Cardona. Back in the ring, Cardona pulled the referee in the way to put a stop to Charlie's offense. Cardona took advantage and grounded Charlie. Cardona began to focus on Charlie's neck. Cardona choked Charlie with his wrist tape. 

Charlie eventually fought back and landed a missile dropkick. Charlie's comeback was short-lived as Cardona regained control of the match. Charlie managed to deliver a powerbomb. Charlie and Cardona exchanged strikes in the center of the ring. Charlie dropkicked Cardona into the corner. Charlie connected with a Cosmic Swirl. Cardona replied and sent Charlie into the corner. 

Charlie sent Cardona down with a kick and the referee counted the pinfall to three; Cardona had his foot on the bottom rope and the match continued. Cardona delivered a low blow and hit his finisher. Charlie later stunned Cardona with a jackknife pin to win. 

Winner: Starboy Charlie via pinfall

Triple Threat Match and Six-Man Lucha Tag

Sawyer Wreck vs. Dark Sheik vs. Masha Slamovich

Wreck and Sheik kissed. Slamovich interrupted and delivered a suplex. Sheik and Slamovich fought. A steel chair was introduced. Sheik attempted a high-risk move on Wreck. Wreck and Slamovich exchanged strikes in the center of the ring. Wreck suplexed both Sheik and Slamovich at the same time. Sheik sent Slamovich's face into the steel chair. Sheik dropped Wreck onto the chair. Sheik connected with a double leg drop from the top.

Sheik pulled out a wooden door from underneath the ring. Sheik placed the door in the corner of the ring. Slamovich chokeslammed Wreck while she was on the shoulders of Sheik. Wreck speared both Sheik and Slamovich through the door in the corner. Wreck attempted to finish off Slamovich. Slamovich pinned Wreck with an inside cradle to win. 

Winner: Masha Slamovich via pinfall

Arez, ASF, and Komander vs. Gringo Loco, Latigo, and Toxin in a six-man tag team match

Arez and Latigo began the match as the legal men. Both men exchanged arm drags. Latigo sent Arez to the floor. Komander walked the top rope and entered the match. Komander showed off his agility. Latigo sent Komander down to the mat. Komander replied by sending Latigo to the outside. Loco entered next and battled Komander. ASF hit the ring and delivered a headscissors to Loco after briefly standing on his shoulders. Arez returned and fought Toxin. Latigo also returned. 

Arez delivered a DDT to Loco. Arez, ASF, and Komander attempted to dive to the outside at the same time. It didn't pay off as Loco, Latigo, and Toxin stopped them in their tracks. The action spilled around the ringside area. Back in the ring, Loco, Latigo, and Toxin stood tall. Arez, ASF, and Komander eventually fought back. Komander amazingly used the ropes to his advantage to take out Loco. Team Komander delivered a triple dive to the outside. 

Back in the ring, Komander, Arez, and ASF took control. Team Komander individually hit high-risk moves on Toxin. ASF dumped Loco on his head with a DDT. All six performers began to feel the effects of the match. Komander landed a crazy move from the top on Latigo. Loco, Latigo, and Toxin took turns diving to the outside. Komander walked the ropes and twisted several times in the air to the floor. In the ring, all six performers continued to give it everything they had. Loco, Latigo, and Toxin eventually pinned Arez, ASF, and Komander simultaneously to win. 

Winners: Gringo Loco, Latigo, and Toxin via pinfall

GCW Extreme Title Match and Jimmy Lloyd vs. Willie Mack

Joey Janela (c) vs. Pagano for the GCW Extreme Championship

Janela made his entrance for the match with a giant snake. The bottom rope had to be removed to get the snake out of the ring. The match eventually got underway with Pagano locking Janela in a wrist lock. Pagano knocked Janela down with a shoulder tackle. Pagano turned Janela inside out with a clothesline. Janela was able to send Pagano to the floor. Janela leaped to the outside to wipe out Pagano. Janela and Pagano fought around the ringside area. 

Back in the ring, a wooden door was set up in the corner. Pagano sent Janela to the floor and threw the door at him. Pagano dived to the outside. Pagano put the door on top of two chairs and sent Janela through it. Pagano was in control as the action returned to the ring. Pagano smashed a piece of the broken door over the head of Janela. Janela fired up and delivered a brainbuster to Pagano. 

Janela retrieved a chair from underneath the ring. Janela sent Pagano flying from the top rope onto the chair in the middle of the ring. Pagano and Janela briefly battled on the outside. Pagano poured water over fans on the front row. Janela and Pagano exchanged strikes in the center of the ring. 

A number of chairs were sent into the ring. A door was set up in the corner. Pagano planted Janela into a chair. Janela replied by double stomping Pagano through the wooden door from the top. Janela delivered a brainbuster from the top turnbuckle through several chairs. Janela set up a door in the corner and destroyed it. Janela landed a package piledriver to win. 

Winner and STILL GCW Extreme Champion: Joey Janela via pinfall

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Willie Mack

Mack took control as the match got underway. Lloyd responded by bringing a steel chair into the ring. Mack continued to have Lloyd scouted. Mack dropped Lloyd on the canvas and connected with a standing moonsault. Mack attempted a cannonball in the corner and the bottom rope came off. Lloyd took advantage by using the steel chair on Mack's back. Lloyd set up a wooden door on top of two chairs. Mack countered and connected with a frog splash on Lloyd through the door to win. 

Winner: Willie Mack via pinfall

Charles Mason vs. Effy and GCW World Tag Team Title Match

Effy vs. Charles Mason

Mason spat in Effy's face. Effy replied with a headbutt and a kick to the face. Effy delivered a big spear to Mason. Effy dived through the ropes to wipe out Mason. Mason eventually found a way back into the match. Mason sent Effy to the floor with a baseball slide. At ringside, Mason placed a chair around Effy's neck and drove him into the ring post. 

Back in the ring, Mason continued to dominate and kept Effy grounded. Mason focused on Effy's throat. Effy attempted to take off Mason's belt. Mason took it off and lashed Effy across the back. Mason stuck a hand fan in Effy's mouth. Effy eventually fought back. Effy stomped Mason into the canvas. Effy attempted to Kiss Mason. Mason responded by biting Effy's lip. Mason locked Effy in a sleeper hold. 

Someone appeared at ringside with a box. Mason pulled out piano wire. Allie Katch appeared and took out Mason and the box man. Effy and Katch worked together on Mason. A masked individual appeared and delivered a double chokeslam to Katch and Effy. The masked individual revealed himself to be Parrow. Dark Sheik appeared to chase off Mason and Parrow. 

Winner: No contest

Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) (c) vs. The RockNES Monsters (BHK and Yuma) for the GCW World Tag Team Championship

The Monsters immediately sent the champions to the outside. The battle was taken throughout the building. Extremo and BHK eventually fought in the ring. The Monsters maintained control of the match. Yuma was tagged in and targeted the previously injured shoulder of Extremo. BHK and Yuma prevented Extremo from tagging in Ciclope. 

Los Mazisos began to turn the match in their favor. Ciclope delivered a DDT to BHK in the center of the ring. Extremo sent two wooden doors and a number of chairs into the ring. The Monsters stopped Los Mazisos in their tracks. Yuma sent Ciclope down from the top turnbuckle onto a pile of chairs with a hurricanrana. Ciclope eventually placed a chair around BHK's neck and smashed another chair against it. 

Both continued to go back and forth to gain the advantage. A wooden door was set up on top of two chairs in the center of the ring. BHK and Yuma went crashing through the door when Extremo moved out of the way. Extremo planted BHK into a pile of weapons in the center of the ring. Ciclope followed up with a frog splash to retain the gold. 

Winners and STILL GCW World Tag Team Champions: Los Mazisos (Miedo Extremo and Ciclope) via pinfall

GCW World Championship Match

Nick Gage (c) vs. Tony Deppen for the GCW World Championship

Deppen charged at Gage after the introductions. Deppen ended up on the floor. Gage connected with a baseball slide. Gage took Deppen around the ringside area. Deppen took out Gage on the apron as he attempted to return to the ring. Deppen sent Gage into a wooden chair. Gage replied by going after Deppen's eyes. Deppen delivered a combination of forearms and chops to the champion. 

In the ring, Deppen worked on Gage in the corner. Deppen pulled out a chair from underneath the ring. Deppen set up the chair in the corner. Gage sent Deppen's head into the chair. Gage briefly took control of the match. Deppen delivered a stomp from the top turnbuckle. Deppen placed a wooden door in the corner of the ring. Deppen connected with a big knee strike. Gage responded with a DDT. 

Deppen delivered a low blow to Gage. Deppen came charging in with a straight forearm to the face of the champion. Deppen connects with another knee. Deppen locked in a crossface. Gage escaped and delivered a Death Valley Driver. Gage placed the wooden door on top of Deppen and landed an elbow from the top. Gage placed the wooden door in the opposite corner and sent Deppen through it. 

Deppen connected with another knee strike after Gage tried to hype up the fans in attendance. Deppen put his hands on the referee. Deppen looked shocked about blood coming from his head. Gage set up two chairs in the center of the ring. Gage targeted Deppen's wound. Gage pulled out his trademark pizza cutter and repeatedly used it on Deppen's forehead. 

Gage delivered a piledriver. Deppen responded with a brainbuster. Deppen missed a high-risk move and landed awkwardly on the two chairs. Gage pulled out another wooden door and set it up on top of two chairs. Gage placed Deppen on the door, and it gave way. Deppen and Gage fought on the top turnbuckle. Gage delivered a piledriver through the remaining part of the door to retain the title.

Winner and STILL GCW World Champion: Nick Gage via pinfall


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