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GCW - Devil In A New Dress Live Results (04/10/2022)

On April 10, Game Changer Wrestling will present its “Devil in a New Dress” show from The Midway in San Francisco.

Joey Janela, Minoru Suzuki, and EFFY, among other stars, are set for the event.

Polo Del Mar comes to the ring and talks about coming home to San Francisco with GCW.

EFFY vs. Nick Wayne

Bandido was set to face Wayne, but he was unable to attend the show. Before the match, EFFY said he’s here to call out Jeff Jarrett, but he doesn’t see him anywhere. EFFY says he can’t even say the name of his tag team (BUSSY) in front of Wayne because he’s a kid. The two wrestlers lock up, and EFFY gives Wayne a noogie. Wayne takes EFFY down with a hurricanrana and a dropkick before he follows him to the outside. “All Elite” slams his opponent into the ring post, but EFFY fires back with a clothesline and a pump kick. The GCW Tag Team Champion grounds Wayne, but the young star rallies with a Code Red.

EFFY drops Wayne with the Sack Ryder and mocks Jarrett with his famous strut. He traps Wayne in a Figure-Four, and the two competitors trade blows. Wayne dives onto EFFY outside the ring again and throws a board into the ring.

He brings some chairs into the squared circle, but EFFY hits him with it. Wayne slams EFFY through a board with a Spanish Fly off the top rope. Still, EFFY catches Wayne by surprise and pins him for the win.

Winner: EFFY

After the match, EFFY says, “He hit pretty hard for a kid.” He tells Wayne he pushed him to the limit, and anything he wants in the world is his. EFFY then says that Jarrett has been in the back of his head since The WRLD on GCW. He states that he knows where Jarrett lives and warns him that he’ll come back. EFFY says Jarrett knows GCW’s dates, and he himself has time, so he could see Jarrett anywhere. He says Jarrett can’t walk away from EFFY, so he’s invited to face him anytime.

Jordan Oliver vs. Jack Cartwheel

Oliver and Cartwheel feel each other out, and the match is a stalemate early on. Cartwheel goes for some early pin attempts and does two cartwheels. Oliver slaps him in the face, and Cartwheel gives him one right back. A kick to the head drops Cartwheel, but he fires back with an impressive 619-like kick and a slingshot senton. Cartwheel dumps Oliver with a fallaway slam and gets a two count with a running Shooting Star Press.

Oliver escapes an arm-breaker and rocks Cartwheel with a shot to the face. Another kick and a 1916 earn Oliver a two count. Cartwheel reaches the ropes to get out of the Rings of Saturn. He does another cartwheel, hits a Death Valley Driver and gets a two count with a crossbody. Oliver drills him with another kick and nails him with a big boot. A German superplex-throw earns Oliver a two count. The two opponents trade strikes, and Cartwheel rips his tassels off. They keep exchanging stiff strikes, and Cartwheel spikes Oliver with a poison-rana. Cartwheel gets a two count with a roll-up, and Oliver hits the Orange Crush (rope-slingshot powerbomb) for the win.

Winner: Jordan Oliver

Kidd Bandit vs. Allie Katch

Bandit and Katch feel each other out. Katch gains the advantage and grounds Bandit. A spine buster gives Katch even more momentum, and she sends Bandit crashing into the turnbuckle. Bandit rallies with a flurry of offense. Katch hits a cannonball in the corner. Bandit drops Katch with a Stunner. Katch blasts Bandit with a kick and drops them with a suplex. A nasty knee to the head earns Katch a two count.

The two competitors trade blows, and Katch gets the win with a piledriver through the ropes.

Winner: Allie Katch

Jimmy Lloyd vs. “The Russian Dynamite” Masha Slamovich

Lloyd escapes a triangle choke with a powerbomb and dumps her on her head with a suplex. He gets a two count with a superkick and goes to the outside to get some weapons. Slamovich gets a two count with an inside cradle. Slamovich rallies and hits Lloyd with a chair several times. The fight spills to the outside, where Slamovich plants Lloyd with a DDT. Lloyd is busted open, and Slamovich kicks him in the chest. Lloyd throws a chair at her head and slams her off the apron and through a door. Back in the ring, Slamovich sends Lloyd through a door with a missile dropkick. She hits him with several kicks for a two count. Lloyd gets a near fall with a powerbomb off the top and onto a garbage can.

Slamovich piledrives Lloyd onto a chair and gets the three count with a package piledriver.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Midas Kreed vs. “The Future Franchise” Titus Alexander

Alexander takes the fight to Kreed right off the bat and dumps him to the outside. They trade chops, and Alexander flips off the crowd. Kreed nails him with a superkick and hits a tornado DDT. A dive over the ropes gives Kreed even more momentum. Alexander catches him with a dropkick in mid-air and gets a two count with a back-breaker. He catches him and deadlifts his opponent before dropping him with another back-breaker. Alexander gets a two count with a spine buster and gets a another two count with a brain buster. Kreed hits a hurricanrana, but he goes down after a stiff knee to the head.

A Code Red and a kick earn Kreed a two count. Alexander falls out of the ring after Kreed hits him with a modified flipping DDT. The Michinoku Driver earns Alexander the victory.

Winner: Titus Alexander

The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) vs. The South Pacific Savages (Juicy Finau and Journey Fatu) and D-Rogue

Journey Fatu and Mance Warner start the bout. They trade chops before Justice tags in. Fatu drops him with a chop. His chops, like Mancer’s, don’t seem to affect Fatu. Gray tags in and blasts Fatu with a two-handed chop. “Black Death” drops him with with a lariat. Finau enters the match and dishes out some stiff strikes. SGC takes him down with a high-low maneuver. The South Pacific Savages gang up on Gray and slam him into the ring post. Warner uses a crutch as a weapon, and Justice dishes out some punishment with a chair. The two teams brawl around ringside, and Justice blasts Finau with a chair.

Fatu rocks Gray with a superkick and takes him down with a senton off the apron. Finau crushes Justice with a splash for a two count. Warner throws a chair at Journey Fatu, and the blow busts him open. Fatu slams Gray through a door. Justice throws several chairs into the ring. Finau chokes out Justice and Warner with a double Tongan Death Grip. They rally and, with Gray’s help, slam him through a door. SGC drops Finau with a lariat/Spear combination. Warner blasts Fatu with a chair, and SGC nails him with a lariat/Spear combination. Justice and Gray get the win with a splash/leg drop combination on D-Rogue.

Winners: The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)

After the match, Finau and Fatu turn on D-Rogue and leave him lying.

Joey Janela vs. Dark Sheik (with Pollo Del Mar)

Janela attacks Pollo before the bell rings. Sheik kicks Janela several times and dives onto him outside the ring. With another dive, Sheik drops Janela with a DDT on the floor. Janela takes control and grounds Sheik with a head-scissors. Sheik slams Janela to the mat, but Janela squashes her momentum with a spinning powerbomb. Sliced Bread Number Two on the apron from Sheik leaves both wrestlers down. Sheik gets some chairs and two doors. Janela and Sheik trade pin attempts. Sheik takes Janela down with a hurricanrana, but “The Bad Boy” fires back with a clothesline. Pollo enters the ring and stops Janela from super-plexing Sheik. Janela fights back, but Pollo powerbombs Janela through a door.

Sheik hits a Coast to Coast for a two count. The fight returns to the outside, and the two wrestlers brawl in the crowd. Janela dives off a stage and sends Sheik through a board. “The Bad Boy” gets a two count with a piledriver.

Sheik hits Janela below the belt and suplexes him. Both wrestlers are down after a flurry of strikes. Sheik slams Janela onto two chairs for the win.

Winner: Dark Sheik

Pollo celebrates with Sheik after the match.

Minoru Suzuki vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Suzuki and Bailey trade some kicks early on. They feel each other out with some holds, and Suzuki briefly locks in an arm-bar, but “Speedball” escapes. Bailey hits Suzuki with a series of kicks and drops the veteran. Suzuki locks in an arm-bar over the rope. The two men trade blows outside the ring, and Suzuki drops Bailey with a chop. Suzuki continues to control the match, and he targets Bailey’s arm. Bailey rallies with a flurry of offense. He kicks Suzuki several times. Suzuki fires back with some kicks of his own. The two men exchange strikes, and Suzuki drills Bailey with an elbow.

“Speedball” kicks Bailey and dives onto him outside the ring with a moonsault. Suzuki and Bailey trade strikes and talk some trash. A brutal forearm stuns Bailey, but he fires up with some kicks. The war of strikes continues. Bailey hits a moonsault-double knees and nails him with a Buzzsaw Kick for a two count.

Suzuki dodges a diving double knees, rocks Bailey with some strikes and plants him with a Gitch-style piledriver for the win.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki

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