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GCW - Downward Spiral Live Results (05/28/2022)

Updated: May 29, 2022

Indy Pro Wrestling's live coverage report of GCW's Downward Spiral event live from the Silver Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

Early Morning Guy Steele vs. The Rotation vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Matt Vandagriff vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Titus Alexander in a Scramble Match

Steele grabs some competitors involved, and drags them out of the ring with their feet. Vandragriff goes to work in the ring. Titus Alexander sends Vandagriff down with a dropkick, before taking a dive over the top rope. The Rotation showcases his athleticism, until Marcus Mathers stops him in his tracks. Jimmy Lloyd and Guy Steele go at it in the ring. Steele connects with a Hurricanrana. Steele slips as he looks to go over the top rope. The Rotation uses Steele as a springboard to lead over the top rope.

Outside the ring, The Rotation takes a dive off the stage to take out a who’s who of competitors. Back in the ring, The Rotation connects with a big DDT to Steele. Vandagriff lands a Phoenix Splash on The Rotation. Jimmy Lloyd re-enters, but Steele lands a Destroyer. Steele eventually picks up the win with a twisting neck breaker on Marcus Mathers.

Winner: Early Morning Guy Steele via pinfall

Allie Katch, Billie Starkz & Sandra Moone vs. The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)

Moone and Justice start the match. Justice throws Moone across the ring, before taking her back down with a shoulder tackle. Moone sends Justice backpedaling. Justice responds with a big boot. Moone connects with a Regal-Plex from the top rope. AJ Gray enters and delivers a big chop to Moone. Mance enters and states he wants to fight Allie Katch. Allie tags in. Mance and Allie go back and forth.

Justice sends a chair into the ring. Allie throws it towards Mance. Allie connects with a diving eye poke from the ring apron. Justice hits Allie with a steel chair. AJ smashes Moone’s back with a steel chair on the outside. Justice pulls out a door from underneath the ring. The Second Gear Crew send Starkz and Moone into the ring. Starkz delivers a Hurricanrana from the top rope to AJ Gray, sending him crashing through the door set up below.

Allie returns to the ring with a knife. Mance accidentally wraps a chair around the head of Justice. Allie uses the knife on Mance’s forehead. Allie then uses the knife on Justice’s chest. AJ hits a lariat on Allie. Justice grabs another door and set it up in the corner. Mance smashes Moone head-first against the door. Justice then attempts to spear her through the door, before finally breaking it with a driver. The Second Gear Crew set up another door in the middle of the ring. Moone powerbombs Mance Warner through the door. Starkz hits the Swanton Bomb on Mance. Allie returns to the ring and connects with a piledriver, as she pins Mance to win the match for her team.

Winners: Allie Katch, Billie Starkz & Sandra Moone via pinfall

Mike Bailey vs. Chris Bey

The match starts off hot with some fast-paced action, as Bailey sends Bey out of the ring. Both men exchange reversals, as Bey sends Bailey out of the ring. Bailey locks in a Half Crab in the middle of the ring, but Bey manages to break the hold. After a flurry from Bailey, Chris Bey picks up the pace and hits a Code Red. Bey takes a dive over the top rope to take out Bailey. Bey spikes Bailey on the ring apron.

Chris Bey lands a big powerbomb after a double stomp on the top, but Bailey kicks out of the pin attempt. This fires Bailey up, but Bey catches him with a Cutter. Bailey responds by connecting with double knees to the spine from the top rope to pick up the victory.

Winner: Mike Bailey via pinfall

Matt Cardona vs. Blake Christian

Cardona lands a cheap shot on Blake to start the bout. Blake takes early control of the match, forcing Cardona to the ringside area. Blake leaps over the top ring post to take Cardona out. Blake goes to town on Cardona with a series of forearms. Blake connects with a running Cannonball, sending Cardona crashing through the chairs set up for the fans. Cardona replies and takes Blake to the back of the venue. Blake hits Cardona with a garbage can. Blake climbs to the top of the building and jumps on Cardona below.

On the entrance ramp, Cardona is sent crashing back-first onto the steel. Back in the ring, as Blake set up for another flurry of moves, Cardona hit a low blow and scored the victory.

Winner: Matt Cardona via pinfall

Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne vs. ASF & Gringo Loco

Jordan Oliver and Gringo Loco start the match. After some fast-paced action, both men reach a stalemate. ASF and Nick Wayne are tagged in. Nick Wayne sends ASF down on the mat. ASF replies with head scissors and a dropkick. Gringo and Jordan are once again the legal men, as Loco and ASF work together. ASF is tagged back in and locks Jordan in a headlock.

Gringo returns as the legal man and bites the face on Jordan on the mat. Nick Wayne returns fully energized. Wayne and Jordan work together with a series of moves. Jordan delivers a big boot to ASF in the corner of the ring. Jordan tags in Wayne as the pair continue to work together. Gringo is tagged in and knocks down the young duo. Jordan plants ASF after becoming the legal man again. ASF kicks out of the cover.

Gringo connects with a Cutter to Nick Wayne from the top rope. Gringo leaps over the top rope to take out Jordan Oliver. ASF connects with a move from the top, but Nick Wayne manages to kick out. All four men trade blows in the middle of the ring. Jordan Oliver hits the Clout Cutter to ASF. The legal man Nick Wayne picks up the win for the pair.

Winners: Nick Wayne & Jordan Oliver via pinfall

Effy vs. Kevin Blackwood

Effy locks in a waistlock to get the match underway. Blackwood takes down Effy with a shoulder tackle. Blackwood retreated when he turned around and Effy was on his knees. Blackwood delivers a double stomp to Effy. Blackwood kicks Effy out of the ring. Effy returns but meets a big boot. Blackwood continues to control the match, but Effy fights back by grabbing the nipples. Effy hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Effy stomps Blackwood’s face into the mat, following it up by locking in Cattle Mutilation.

Blackwood frees himself, and Effy ultimately gets caught hanging from the top turnbuckle. Blackwood delivers a series of kicks and connects with a double stomp from the top. Both men trade blows in the middle of the ring. Blackwood taunts Effy with his own pose on the mat. Blackwood locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Effy reverses and hits a Zack Ryder. Blackwood slaps Effy and then kisses him. Effy hits a Sunset Flip and pins Blackwood.

Winner: Effy via pinfall

Jai Vidal vs. Dark Sheik

Dark Sheik gets an early advantage, but Jai replies with a series of chops. Sheik replies with a big kick to the head. Jai pulls the hair. Sheik sends Jai crashing over the top rope. Sheik dives from the top turnbuckle to the outside. Jai hurls a steel chair at Sheik’s head. Jai dives through the middle rope to take out Sheik sat in a chair.

Back in the ring, Jai only scores a two count with the pin attempt. Jai sends Sheik face-first into a steel chair on the mat. Sheik punches Jai in the lower region. Sheik uses the chair to her advantage and plants Jai with a German Suplex. On the apron, Sheik jumps over the top rope and delivers a leg drop. Jai hits a series of moves, but Sheik kicks out of a handful of covers. Sheik drives Jai from the top rope through two steel chairs set up below. Sheik plants Jai onto one of the broken chairs to win.

Winner: Dark Sheik via pinfall

Joey Janela vs. Johnny Game Changer (John Morrison) w/ Dad

Janela and Johnny lock up. Johnny gains control early on, grabbing hold of Janela’s left wrist. Janela manages to reverse but meets a big clothesline from Johnny. Johnny lands a standing Shooting Star Press. Janela punches out Dad, who was dancing on the outside. Johnny dives through the middle rope to take out Joey. Dad is helped to the back. Janela piledrives Johnny on the apron.

Johnny fights back after Janela has a spell of controlling the match. Janela manages to hit a reverse Spanish Fly from the top turnbuckle and locks in a Crossface. Johnny manages to break the hold. Johnny and Janela trade blows. Janela plants Johnny to the mat with a driver. Janela throws two chairs and a wooden door into the ring. Janela hits a double stomp onto a steel chair placed over Johnny.

Dad returns to the ring, shirtless and with some boxing gloves. Janela lifts Dad up and sends him through the door in the corner. Johnny manages to take advantage and connects with Starship Pain, but Janela kicks out of the cover. Johnny sends another wooden door into the ring. Johnny puts Janela on the door on the bottom turnbuckle. Janela stands on the door, but it gives way. Janela brings in another door. Janela throws a chair at Johnny. Johnny responds by smashing a part of the broken door over Janela’s head. Johnny puts Janela over a new door set up. Johnny dives from the top turnbuckle to pick up the win.

Winner: Johnny Game Changer via pinfall

Alex Colon & John Wayne Murdoch vs. Cole Radrick & Rina Yamashita in a Deathmatch

Cole and Murdoch start out the match. Murdoch tags in Alex Colon after experiencing some difficulty taking out Cole. Rina is also tagged in. Colon smashes a light tube into the face of Rina. Rina takes down Colon with a shoulder tackle. Rina leaps from the top turnbuckle onto Colon on the outside. Cole and Murdoch go at it again. Murdoch smashes a tube on the back of Cole. Colon and Murdoch show some tension. Rina and Cole work together to take them out.

On the outside, Rina drives a light tube into the head of Colon. Cole headbutts a light tube into the face of Murdoch. Murdoch and Colon then turn the tables and use light tubes to bust open Cole and Rina. Back in the ring, Cole lands on Murdoch as light tubes were placed over him. Murdoch responds by smashing multiple tubes over Cole. Colon now smashes some tubes on Cole.

Rina is tagged in and she comes in hot with a big clothesline on Murdoch. Murdoch replies by smashing a tube over her head. Rina likes it and smashes a light tube over her own head. Rina sets up tubes into the middle of the ring and falls back on them. Murdoch tries it and Rina attempts to cover him. Rina grabs the lower region of Colon and Murdoch. Rina and Cole team together to deliver a suplex to Murdoch. Cole smashes a tube bundle over the head of Murdoch. Cole sends Murdoch crashing through a door.

Colon and Cole trade strikes with the broken pieces of the door. Murdoch hits a Destroyer on Cole, but Colon pulls him off the pin attempt. Colon and Murdoch work together on Rina. Colon and Murdoch start pushing each other. Cole hits a flurry of punches and hits a double Cutter on Colon and Murdoch. Colon hits a double stomp on Cole, who had a number of light tubes placed on top of him. Murdoch then takes out Colon and allows Cole to win the match.

Winners: Cole Radrick and Rina Yamashita via pinfall

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