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GCW If I Die First (02/05/2022) Live Results

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne vs. Dante Leon & Ninja Mack

Wayne hits a Suplex to Dante Leon. Oliver and Nick Wayne are now in the ring and attempt a Double Suplex, but Dante counters with a knee strike and delivers his Suplex. Jordan Oliver manages to take out Ninja Mack on the apron. Oliver and Wayne hit a double-team move on Dante as Wayne scores a two-count in his pin attempt. Dante then manages to hit a Double DDT and he’s now fired up as he kicks down Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne then Ninja Mack is tagged in.

Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne then hit a number of high-flying moves to their opponents in an incredible sequence which saw Dante kick out of the pin attempt at the last moment. Ninja Mck and Jordan Oliver are now on the top rope, but Mack sends Oliver down to the floor. Ninja goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Wayne catches him in a Cutter. Dante then delivers a Suplex to Wayne. Ninja and Dante then work together and Ninja hits his Phoenix 630 Senton finisher from the top turnbuckle to pick up the win.

Winners: Ninja Mack and Dante Leon via pinfall

ASF vs. John Wayne Murdoch

John Wayne Murdoch sends some chairs into the ring before his opponent makes his way out to the ring. Murdoch cuts a promo before the match to say he respects Matthew Justice but he’s ducking Murdoch because he’s not here tonight. He claims everyone is ducking him. Murdoch asks if anyone in Texas or in the locker room will challenge him. ASF accepts. Murdoch questions who ASF is as the fans chant his name. ASF then fires the GCW crowd up. The match gets underway with Murdoch sending ASF into the corner of the ring where a steel chair is set up in between the turnbuckles. Murdoch then proceeds to slam a chair to the back of ASF. Murdoch then sets up the chair and sits down on it. He gets back up to continue his beat down of ASF in the middle of the ring. He goes for a cover but ASF kicks out at two. Murdoch heads under the ring and brings out a wooden door. ASF then dropkicks the door into Murdoch on the outside before he dives out of the ring soaring through the ropes.

ASF goes for second and flips over the top ropes onto Murdoch. Back in the ring, he goes for Springboard before Murdoch plants ASF face-first into the canvas. The commentators mention the terrible weather in Texas which has ultimately affected the whole nation and a number of flights. Murdoch resumes his dominance with a steel chair. ASF responds with his own quickfire moves and scores a two-count when he goes for the pinfall. ASF sets up a chair in the middle of the ring and sits Murdoch down on it, but Murdoch elevates ASF and slams him down onto the chair. ASF uses a quick combination to then hit a Death Valley Driver onto the steel chair but Murdoch kicks out of the pin attempt at the last moment. ASF then brings a wooden door into the ring. He sets the door up in the corner of the ring. Murdoch uses a metal pipe and hits it into the midsection of ASF. Murdoch then sets the door up in between the ropes. ASF manages to use it as a platform to jump off and hits a DDT. ASF goes back to the top turnbuckle where the door is set up. Murdoch then hits a Suplex headfirst through the door to pick up the win.

Winner: John Wayne Murdoch via pinfall

AJ Gray (c) vs. Allie Katch for the GCW Extreme Championship

The fans are in favor of Allie as both wrestlers soak up the atmosphere for a moment. AJ tries to attempt to lock Allie into submission, but Allie manages to lock her own submission in on the champion. Allie gets AJ down in an Armbar but AJ manages to get his feet on the ropes and Allie releases the hold. Allie then takes AJ off his feet with Head Scissors before he runs into her boot. AJ builds some momentum for a moment, but Allie locks him back into submission on the mat. Back on their feet, Allie is hitting some chops as AJ bites her hand. Allie kicks him, but AJ responds with his own devastating spinning kick to the head. AJ then hammers Allie’s chest with a chop. AJ then chops her in the leg and begins to do a strut as his confidence grows in the match. He then sends Allie hard into the turnbuckles. AJ then mocks Allie’s pain. Allie and AJ trade blows, with AJ punching her hard, back into the corner of the ring. Allie is now sitting on the top turnbuckle as she manages to headbutt AJ and follows it up with a Powerbomb.

Allie is fired up now. She rolls through and hits an offensive flurry on AJ Gray in the corner of the ring and finishes off with a Cannonball, however, her pinfall attempt only reaches a two count. AJ and Allie now trade blows in the middle of the ring. AJ hits a series of forearms. Allie eventually sends him over the top onto the apron. She then drives AJ’s head into the mat through the middle rope. Allie manages to hit a lariat, and again, AJ kicks out of the pin attempt. Allie goes for the Piledriver, but AJ counters with a kick to the back of the head and tosses Allie with a Suplex. He then hits a kick in the corner followed by a Brainbuster, but Allie gets her shoulder up following the pin. AJ goes for the lariat, Allie ducks, but AJ catches her with a harder strike. AJ now goes to the top rope as Allie takes him down shaking the top rope. Allie joins him on the turnbuckles. AJ then plants Allie from the top rope into the canvas and retains his championship. Winner: Still GCW Extreme Champion, AJ Gray via pinfall

Mike Bailey vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Now Bailey sends Jimmy back into the ring. He delivers a series of forearm strikes as he has Jimmy Lloyd down on the canvas. Bailey hits another double knee strike and goes for the cover, but Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy gets up, but Bailey kicks him back down onto the mat. Jimmy is now back up and they once again trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Jimmy gets the upper hand and tries to take Bailey off his feet. Bailey responds with some lightning-quick kicks before Jimmy Lloyd hits a Superkick. Jimmy has Bailey rocked and delivers a Dragon Suplex, but Bailey kicks out of his pin attempt.

Jimmy Lloyd hits Mike Bailey with a punch before sending him over the top rope following a lariat. Jimmy goes to dive out of the ring, but Bailey avoids and hits his own flip from the top rope onto the outside as both men crash through the chairs that the fans are using. Back in the ring, Bailey delivers a spinning kick to Jimmy’s head and follows it up with Shooting Star Knees to the back and picks up the win. Winner: Mike Bailey via pinfall

Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Gringo delivers some strong words to Psycho Clown before the match gets underway. He says he has a surprise and says the match is now Falls Count Anywhere. Psycho then gets the GCW fans to chant his name and fires himself for the match. The match gets underways and Clown works on the left arm of Gringo. Clown knocks down Gringo with the shoulder tackle, but eventually, both men go over the top rope onto the outside. Clown tries to get back into the ring, but Gringo sends Clown into the chairs set up for the fans. Clown uses a woman’s purse to hit Gringo. Clown then sends Gringo into the chairs set up for the fans. Psycho Clown then sends Gringo back into the ring, but Gringo hits a Clothesline and goes for a pin attempt. Gringo heads to the top turnbuckle but Clown pushes him onto the outside. Clown is now on the apron and he dives through the ropes and wipes out Gringo Loco into the chairs. Clown grabs a chair and hits Gringo with it. Clown goes back into the ring and takes his time to make his next move. Gringo then manages to smash Clown’s head with the steel chair as he headed through the ring ropes. He then delivers another chair shot whilst Clown is down on the outside. Gringo then tries to rip off the mask of Psycho Clown in the middle of the ring as the fans boo him. Gringo has a chair in the ring and smashes it again on the head of Psycho Clown. Psycho Clown is now bleeding from the forehead as Gringo stomps him. Psycho Clown rolls out of the ring and Gringo follows him. They head back into the ring and Gringo is firmly in control. Gringo and Clown are now on the top rope, as Clown manages to use the elbow to send Gringo crashing backward onto the mat. Gringo eventually hits a dropkick and goes for another pin attempt.

Both men then head back to the ring. Clown grabs a chair, sets it up, and then hits Gringo with a Death Valley Driver through the chair, as Gringo kicks out of the pinfall at two. Psycho Clown then pulls out another door from underneath the ring and sends it into the ring, along with some more steel chairs. He heads back into the ring and smashes Gringo in the head with it. Clown sets up the door between chairs as he has something in mind. Gringo then hits a low blow to Psycho Clown as Clown rolls onto the door. Gringo then grabs some light tubes from underneath the ring. Gringo puts the tubes on top of Clown as he goes to the top turnbuckle. Psycho Clown gets back up and smashes the light tubes onto Gringo’s head, before smashing his own head. Clown then delivers a Spanish Fly through the door to pick up the victory.

Winner: Psycho Clown via pinfall

After the match, Psycho Clown tells Gringo Loco that he wants a rematch somewhere down the line, as they drink beers together in the ring. – We now have a 15-minute intermission.

Alex Zayne vs. Deranged vs. Grim Reefer vs. Dark Sheik vs. Atticus Cogar in a Scramble Match

The winner is the first person to pick up the first fall. The match begins, as expected, with chaos and multiple moves being delivered by each competitor. Dark Sheik gets some control for a moment. Grim Reefer gets chopped down by Alex Zayne. Cogar then hits Zayne from behind. Atticus hits a Moonsault from the second rope onto Zayne and begins to work over everybody. Grim Reefer lights up a reef on the top turnbuckle before Atticus puts an end to his activities and stomps on the reef. Zayne flips over the top rope and delivers a Cutter to Atticus onto the outside.

Zayne has Atticus on the top turnbuckle, as Atticus tries to bite the hand of Zayne. They are then joined by Reefer and Reefer as Deranged arrived trying to Powerbomb everybody. Atticus took a rough landing as someone’s leg landed on his head. Atticus and Reefer are now face-to-face as Reefer lights up another reef. Reefer is now feeling it as he delivers a number of blows to each competitor whilst he continues to smoke. Reefer then puts out the lit-reef onto the head of Atticus. Deranged hits a Cutter of Reefer. Atticus has Dark Sheik upon his shoulders as Deranged hits another cutter to Sheik. Alex Zayne drives Deranged into the mat, but Atticus throws Zayne out of the ring and steals the win. Winner: Atticus Colgar via pinfall

After the match, Atticus Colgar puts some skewers into the head of Alex Zayne.

Laredo Kid vs. Blake Christian

The bell rings as the match begins with fast-paced action, as they both fight for an advantage and throw dropkicks at the same time, before nipping up at the exact same time. Laredo Kid slaps Blake and eventually hits a Missile Dropkick from the top rope to Blake. He is now on the outside and Laredo Kid hits a Moonsault from the top rope. Back in the ring, Blake counters Laredo Kid’s offense and quickly hits a pinfall but Laredo Kid kicks out. Blake has gained some control and smashes Laredo’s head with some kicks. Blake then fires Laredo with some a kick and chops, before Laredo responds with his own.

Blake then handsprings off the ropes and delivers a kick to the face of Laredo Kid. Laredo kicks out of the pin attempt and gets Blake in the corner of the ring. Blake moves out of the way of Laredo’s offense and falls outside of the ring. Blake then dives out of the ring twice to send Laredo Kid into the chairs at ringside. Back in the ring, Laredo Kid tries to turn the momentum and has Blake positioned in the corner of the ring. Laredo then hits a Moonsault from the bottom rope. He then tries to deliver it from the middle rope, but Blake gets his knees up. He then follows it up with his own knee strike, before hitting a Frog Splash in the middle of the ring.

Back on their feet, Blake has Laredo in the corner of the ring, but Laredo avoids him. Laredo then hits a Cutter from the top rope as Blake was standing on the middle rope. Laredo only manages a two-count from the pinfall attempt. In the middle of the ring, Blake hits a dropkick to the back which he followed up with some kind of 619. Blake then manages to hit a Frog Splash from the top rope but Laredo Kid kicks out at two. Laredo then hits a unique move from the top rope to Blake, but Blake got his foot on the bottom rope to avoid the pin. They’re back on the top rope as Blake hits a Hurricanrana from the top rope and then plants Laredo Kid to the mat with a DDT variation to win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

Dr. Wagner vs. Joey Janela

The fans are split as they chant for both wrestlers as the match gets underway. Janela flips the bird to Dr. Wagner Jr. Wagner responds flipping the bird back to him. The lock-up is in the middle of the ring as Janela works on the arm of Dr. Wagner Jr. who eventually gets Janela down, but he immediately tries to turn things around, as they both then get to their feet to reset. Wagner Jr. hits an arm drag but Janela counters it into a pinfall as Wagner Jr. immediately kicks out. Wagner Jr. tries to get Janela locked into submission, but Janela exits the ring to regroup.

Back in the ring, they lock up again. Wagner Jr. then shoulders Janela down and flips the bird to his opponent. Wagner Jr. and Joey Janela then trade chest chops in the middle of the ring. Janela then rakes the eyes after a back and forth and sends Wagner Jr. down with the big elbow. Janela goes back to delivering chops to Wagner Jr. as it fires him up. Janela tries a Sunset Flip, but Wagner Jr. responds with a kick to the face. Wagner Jr. goes for a cradle attempt pinfall but Janela kicks out. Wagner Jr. now has Janela on the ropes and hits some chops, but Janela hits the ropes and delivers a running uppercut.

Wagner Jr. is sent to the outside as Janela tries to dive through the middle ropes, but he moves out of the way, and Janela crashes into the chairs at ringside. Wagner Jr. sends him back into the ring, but only scores a two when attempting the pinfall. Janela is getting worn down as Wagner Jr. locks him into submission. They had back to the outside, and Wagner Jr. smashes Janela’s head with a steel chair. Both men now trade blows as they head through the crowd. Janela smashes Wagner Jr.’s head against the merch table. Janela has blood pouring out of his head now. Janela then flys over the merch table onto Wagner Jr. on the other side.

Back inside the ring, Joey Janela brings a chair into the ring and smashes Wagner Jr. onto it with Death Valley Driver. Janela goes for the cover, but Wagner Jr. kicks out. Janela chops away at the chest of Wagner Jr. He responds by charging into him in the corner of the ring. Wagner Jr. now ties Janela up into the Gory special submission. Both men are now back on the outside as Janela hits Wagner Jr. with a chair to the midsection. Janela then brings out a door from underneath the ring. The door is propped up against a steel chair at ringside. Wagner Jr. is placed on top of the door, as Janela jumps from the top turnbuckle, but Wagner Jr. moves out of the way as Janela crashes through it. Wagner Jr. goes underneath the ring and pulls out another door. Wagner Jr. hits him with a boot and sends Janela back into the ring. Janela, out of nowhere, hits a Superkick. Janela props up the door onto the two chairs in the middle of the ring. Janela then punches Wagner Jr. and places him on top of the door. He goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop onto Wagner Jr. He goes for the pin attempt but Wagner Jr. kicks out. Janela sets up some chairs on top of each other in the ring as he has another idea in mind. Janela is on the top rope as Wagner Jr. fights back. He then sends Janela through the chairs, and Wagner Jr. plants him into the canvas and secures the victory. Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr. via pinfall

After the match, Wagner Jr. is on the microphone, but Psycho Clown comes to ringside and throws chairs into the ring from ringside. Wagner Jr. then picks up a chair and challenges Psycho Clown to a match. Wagner Jr. says he will only need five minutes to beat him. Psycho Clown then gets on the apron. Wagner Jr. then says he challenges him to a Mask vs. Hair match. Psycho Clown then enters the ring, but GCW personnel split them up as the fans want to see them fight.


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