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GCW - Life Goes On Live Results (05/01/2022)

Game Changer Wrestling is back in Atlantic City this weekend for two shows.

The May 1 event, “Life Goes On, will feature Joey Janela, Alex Zayne, EFFY, and Allie Kat, among other stars.

Alec Price vs. ASF

Price and ASF feel each other out. ASF gets a two-count with an early sunset flip and comes close to getting the three with a few more attempts. He sends Price to the floor and eats a boot to the face. Price slams his opponent onto the apron twice. Back in the ring, he continues to ground ASF. A jaw-jacker and a flurry of offense give ASF some momentum. He hits a moonsault outside the ring. ASF dumps Price on his head with a destroyer for a two-count. Price fires up with a powerbomb and slams ASF into the turnbuckle. ASF suplexes Price and hits a modified piledriver for the win.

Winner: ASF

Alex Zayne vs. Dante Leon

Zayne and Leon feel each other out with some fast-paced offense. Zayne hits a rope-assisted cutter and dives onto Zayne outside the ring. He drills Zayne with a knee to the head. Zayne dodges another dive, so Leon lands hard on a pile of chairs. Zayne regains control and catches Leon with a dropkick. Leon blocks a senton attempt and kicks Zayne in the face. A brainbuster only earns Leon a two-count. Zayne hits a standing corkscrew dive. Leon almost gets the win with a roll-up. He plants Zayne with a destroyer for another two count. “The Sauce God” slams Leon on his head with a pump-handle driver for the victory.

Winner: Alex Zayne

GCW Tag Team Championship: BUSSY (EFFY and Allie Kat) (c) vs. Akira and John Wayne Murdoch

“John Wayne BUSSY” chants upset JWM right away. He starts the bout with Kat and quickly asks for a time-out. JWM drives Kat into the corner and pulls her hair. She fights back and hits a running hip attack. Akira tags in, as does EFFY. The former Internet Champion goes for a kiss, trying to mess with Akira. He kisses JWM, but Akira bites his tongue. Akira dives onto everyone outside the ring. JWM stabs Kat with a broken light tube and brings some full times into play. He bashes Kat with one and grinds it on her head, busting her open in the process. JWM breaks another one on her head and slices her back with it.

EFFY runs back into the ring and hits the Sack Ryder. He slams Akira through a door with a Death Valley Driver. EFFY sends JWM through a door with a double-team Sack Ryder. Kat rallies and smashes JWM with a light tube. She slams him with a superplex onto some tubes. EFFY floors Akira with a Spear. EFFY and JWM go crashing through a door at ringside. Kat hits two piledrivers on Akira for the victory.

Winner and still GCW World Tag Team Champions: BUSSY

EFFY and JWM keep brawling after the match, and they fight all the way to the back.

Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Shane Mercer

Lloyd attacks Mercer from behind with a light tube. Mercer suplexes Lloyd and hits him with a tube. He dumps Lloyd on his head with a reverse-rana and plants him with a powerbomb. Mercer gets a weed whacker, but Lloyd stops him from using it. Lloyd hits Mercer with it, but Mercer isn’t fazed by it. He easily power slams, Lloyd, to the mat. Lloyd hits Mercer with a chair multiple times, but he seems to barely feel it. He sends Mercer crashing through a barbed wire-covered door. Lloyd bashes Mercer with light tubes, but the powerhouse blasts him with some kind of medieval weapon. Mercer hits a fallaway moonsault slam and earns the three count.

Winner: Shane Mercer

Scramble Match for the GCW Extreme Championship: Marcus Mathers vs. Axton Ray vs. Drago Kid vs. Gringo Loco vs. Cole Radrick vs. AJ Gray (c)

Gray overpowers Radrick early on and takes out his legs with a chop block. He drops Radrick with a flapjack. Axton Ray enters the bout and dumps Gray to the ground with a power slam. Drago Kid takes Gringo Loco down with a head scissors and hits a tornado DDT on Ray. He takes Loco down with a hurricanrana. Mathers hits a diving crossbody and kicks Loco. Bodies start flying as Radrick and Mathers dive out of the ring. Kid sends Loco into Ray with a hurricanrana. He dives onto a group of competitors outside the ring. Radrick drills Mathers with a right hand to the face. Gray squares off with Ray, and they trade blows. Gray takes control with some stiff chops and a rung-shaking slam. He eats a cutter from Mathers. Gray pins Mathers with a diving leg drop to win the match.

Winner and still GCW Extreme Champion: AJ Gray

The S.A.T. vs. Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver

Wayne and Oliver dive onto their opponents shortly after the match starts. Wayne takes Joel Maximo down with a head-scissors. Oliver takes the fight to Jose. The S.A.T. slam Wayne to the mat with the Washing Machine. They ground Wayne in a modified Camel Clutch. The veterans keep Wayne grounded and isolated in the corner. Wayne rallies with a flurry of offense. Oliver makes the hot tag and catches Joel with a cutter. Joel clotheslines Oliver off the top rope, and Jose powerbombs Wayne onto his knees. Wayne dives onto Joel outside the ring, and Oliver hits a cutter for a near fall. The S.A.T. hit a double Spanish Fly from the top rope for the win.

Winners: The S.A.T.

After the match, Joel thanks his opponents, the fans, and GCW itself.

Joey Janela vs. Masha Slamovich

Slamovich and Janela trade blows right off the bat. She hits him with a back fist and suplexes him. “The Bad Boy” drops her with a clothesline and powerbombs her. Janela blasts her with a knee to the face and chops her in the corner. Slamovich dives onto him outside the ring. She plants Janela with a powerbomb and blasts him with a chair. Slamovich gets a two-count with a Northern Lights suplex. Janela powerbombs Slamovich through a door and hits a piledriver for a two count. Slamovich slams Janela through a door for a two count of her own.

She locks in a sleeper hold, but Janela drops her onto the ring apron to escape. Slamovich flips off Janela and hits him with some strikes, but Janela clinches the victory with a superkick.

Winner: Joey Janela

After the match, Janela calls Slamovich “one tough bitch”, thanks her for the fight, and tells her to get out of his ring. He addresses how his AEW contract expired and says he learned so much. Janela says AEW had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they signed him. He notes that he got to have some dream matches, but his heart wasn’t in AEW; it’s in GCW. Janela states that the money isn’t worth anything to him if he’s not working hard for it. He says he’d rather wrestle every show and travel the world. He says business is booming, the flowers are blooming, and they belong to Joey Janela. He ends the message with an FU to the fans.

Tournament of Survival Qualifying Match: Matt Tremont vs. Brandon Kirk

Tremont slams Kirk into the tubes almost immediately several times. Kirk slams some kind of grater onto Tremont’s head, and he returns the favor. They headbutt each other and bust each other open. Tremont hits Kirk with some jabs and takes a dropkick into some tubes into the corner. Kirk breaks a tube in Tremont’s mouth. Tremont bashes Kirk with some tubes and slams him onto some glass from some broken tubes. Glass is flying, as Tremont keeps breaking tubes over Kirk’s head. Kirk hits a cutter onto a flaming bottom and slams a bundle of tubes onto Tremont.

Now it’s Kirk’s turn to break tubes on Tremont’s head. Tremont hits a Death Valley Driver onto some tubes and another onto the fragments of glass for the win.

Winner: Matt Tremont

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