• Carlos Astorga

Hardcore Justice Match-Used & Autographed Collectibles - Now Available on eBay

IMPACT Wrestling Offers Numerous Collectibles From Hardcore Justice -- Match-used & Autographed -- In The Company's eBay Store

IMPACT Wrestling has a wide variety of match-used & autographed collectibles from the Hardcore Justice special now available on IMPACT’s official eBay Store: www.ebay.com/impactwrestling.

IMPACT is offering something for everyone from the 3-hour special that aired April 10 on the IMPACT Plus app. Some of the Hardcore Justice collectibles now available are:

** Match-used & Autographed Steel Chairs, including the one from the Career vs. Title Match, Jazz vs. Deonna Purrazzo; as well as the chair from the Knockouts No. 1 Contenders Match, and that chair was signed by the 7 Knockouts who were in the match as well as Kaleb ... With a K.

** Match-used & Autographed Garbage Can Lids, including one signed by Brian Myers and Jake Something.

** Match-used & Autographed Toaster Over, signed by Deaner and Willie Mack.

** Match-used & Autographed Rat Trap, signed by Johnny Swinger – and snapped on the hand of Swinger, too.

** Match-used & Autographed Baking Sheets, including one signed by Rhino and Eddie Edwards; and also one from Brian Myers who added a classic inscription: MID-CARDONA SUCKS!

** Match-worn & Autographed T-shirts – from Matt Cardona, Crazzy Steve, Rohit Raju, TJP and others.

** Small Plastic Display Cases filled with the Match-Used Thumb Tacks from the Knockouts Match, along with a match-used canvas swatch, signed by Rosemary & Alisha Edwards.

All IMPACT Wrestling Collectibles have the official IMPACT Hologram to verify the item's authenticity and autographs.