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Heath Says He Legitimately Isn’t Under Contract With IMPACT Wrestling Yet

Ever since appearing on IMPACT television when his WWE noncompete lapsed, Heath has been aiming to earn an IMPACT contract. It’s now been three months, and the One Man Rock Band hasn’t popped up anywhere else, so fans are quick to assume that the whole Free Agent story is an extension of his WWE persona and a mere storyline. However, during an appearance on Sitting Ringside with David Penzer, the performer proclaimed that, in this case, IMPACT is booking a shoot.

If the world really wants to know, I really don’t have a contract. Everyone’s like “Oh yeah, you’re signed with Impact!” and I’m like “Oh yeah, I’m actually not.”

This is legit happening, but I don’t think people really realize that. This is a real-life story that’s actually going on and we don’t really know how it’s going to end.

Of course, in the world of professional wrestling, crafting a story is everything, so it’s possible that Heath is just playing along for the sake of his longtime story arc in IMPACT. Said story will come to an end at Bound For Glory, where he will join tag team partner Rhino in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match. If one of them wins, Heath is finally instated onto the show’s permanent rotation of wrestlers. If neither of them wins, Heath and Rhino are fired.

Will Heath end up in IIMPACT for good? Is he already in IMPACT for good? Does Rhino still enjoy cheese and crackers? Some of these questions may be answered at Bound For Glory on Saturday, October 24.


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