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Heath Says Several WWE Stars Want To Join Him At Impact Wrestling

Heath has revealed that several WWE stars are waiting for their contracts to expire so they could join their former colleague at Impact Wrestling. Slater spent 14 years in WWE before showing up at July's Slammiversary event, finding a new home in Impact Wrestling.

"They know when they are locked down under contract, they can't get out. That's the bottom line. You may have well signed yourself up for the military. But guys that did get released and guys from other companies have been texting and calling and asking about Impact.

"The WWE crew, some of them have been like, 'Man, that would be awesome to do this, But I still got a year-and-a-half or another year.' I'm like, 'Remember what you're saying because years go by pretty fast. So if you really want to, I might know a guy.' The interest is there for sure," Slater told TV Insider in an interview.

Slater, who goes only by "Heath" in Impact Wrestling, said that Curtis Axel is one wrestler he'd love to see join him in his new company.

"I would like to see Joe Hennig over here. Mr. Perfect's son. I would like to see him come over to Impact. I've talked to him, but he is doing his thing right now and enjoying life. I don't blame him. Do you buddy. He is one of my best friends and a hell of a worker."

Slater, who cut a passionate promo sharing the ring with Drew McIntyre in his final appearance on Monday Night Raw, also revealed that it was the WWE Champion's idea to feud with his former 3MB teammate.

"McIntyre called me a month or so in advance [before that promo]. I told him I wasn't going back, and I didn't want it. Then literally two weeks before Slammiversary, he pleaded with me to let him pitch working together. He was sure they would go for it. Then when he called me back and said they went for it I was like, what?!

"I thought to myself, 'I'm going to hit a home run and speak from the heart and let you know how I feel.' Thankfully, it was one take and came off great. I wanted to prove to them that I could have been doing this the whole damn time if you gave me the opportunity," he added.

On this week's edition of Impact Wrestling, Heath advanced his #Heath4Impact campaign in a segment with Rhino, his former tag team partner in WWE. Heath is among a long list of former WWE stars who either returned to or joined Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary.


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