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Huge AEW Star Could Leave After All Out

A whole host of matches have been confirmed for the September 5 AEW All Out pay-per-view, but one of them has had some more stakes added to it.

The latest match to be announced as of this writing was Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara in a ‘Daily’s Place Deletion’ match to be contested under ‘broken rules’, and one of said rules is a pretty big deal.

One of the rules is that if Matt Hardy loses the match, he will leave the promotion forever. The rest are as follows:

The winner will be the Last Man Standing, determined when one man can’t answer the referee’s 10 count

The finish can take place anywhere

There must be a winner

If Matt Hardy loses the match, he’ll leave AEW forever

This rivalry has heated up since a couple of weeks ago when Guevara legitimately split Hardy’s head open by lobbing a chair at his face.

The latest stanza was a tables match on this past week’s episode of Dynamite won by Guevara, but it had to be cut short due to timing issues throughout the show.


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