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IMPACT Hard To Kill Results (01/08/2022)

Tonight on IMPACT Hard To Kill, IMPACT World Champion Moose defends his belt against W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona. Plus, Mickie James defends her Knockouts Championship against Deonna Purrazzo.


January 8, 2022, Dallas, TX

Knockouts Ultimate X Match

Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Rosemary vs. Lady Frost vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Alisha Edwards

Chelsea Green hits a blockbuster for the first match highlight after Dallas chants “this is awesome.” Tom Hannifan Spine-buster by Grace to Steelz. Savannah Evans is coming down the ramp. Havok comes down too and hoists Rosemary up on her shoulders. Chelsea dropkicks her off. Alisha Edwards and Lady Frost all take their turns diving onto the masses on the outside. Chelsea slips holding onto the cables but she’s okay. Some wild spots here involving Rosemary spearing Alisha Edwards off the cables and Jordynne Grace sky highing Steelz from the cables as well. Lady Frost moonsault from the top of the structure. The battle in the middle ultimately gets to Steelz, Green and Grace. Jordynne gets knocked off before Steelz and Green fight over it. Steelz falls to the ground with the X and we have a winner.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

Mickie talks about her high of being back in the Royal Rumble, but she’s not looking past her main event match tonight. We cut to Deonna Purrazzo. She’s feigns being happy that Mickie’s confident. She has a plan “A” and “B.” Gail Kim enters to remind her that her no contact clause ends tonight, but if Matthew Rehwoldt lays a hand on Mickie he’s fired and Mickie loses.

X-Division Championship

Steve Maclin vs. Trey Miguel (c)

Maclin topes to Trey before he even gets to the ring. Trey dropkicks him down the ramp. It takes a bit to get them in the ring, but they do. Trey flips right out with a senton that sends him into the crowd. Trey checks on a fan and she’s okay. Maclin flings Miguel into the barricade. He remains in control and gets a near fall with a uranage. He later gets another one with a modified backbreaker. Maclin lays a Cactus Jack elbow onto Trey on the outside. More backbreakers. Trey soon turns it around with a unique head-scissors and double stomp. Trey hits a flying flatliner on the apron. Maclin is on the apron and catches Trey in a tree of woe on the ropes. He spears him and it’s absolutely devastating. Maclin takes over with some elbows rapidly in the ring. Maclin gets for his Mayhem For All but Trey turns it into a modified piledriver. He does a cradle driver for a very near fall on Maclin.

Later, Miguel hits a massive meteora to the floor on Maclin and collides with a barricade. Miguel gets Maclin back in the ring. He hits a meteora from up top: 1-2-no! He gives Maclin a buzzsaw kicks and downs Maclin once more for another top rope meteora. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel

ROH World Championship

Pure Championship Rules

Chris Sabin vs. Jonathan Gresham

Code of Honor is done and the two men get technical. Several great sequences. Gresham shows his crisp wrestling ability as the two soon trade some arm drags. Sabin boots Gresham while on the outside from the apron. Sabin puts Gresham back in the ring. Sabin gets a near fall with a Canadian backbreaker DDT for a very near fall. “This is wrestling” chant. Gresham saves himself with a foot on the ropes (that’s #1). Dragon screw leg whip by Jonathan Gresham. Elbow strikes by Gresham. Gresham pin attempts but then locks Sabin in a crossface. Sabin fights and makes it to the ropes (that’s #1 for Sabin). Gresham has him back in a crossface, but Sabin rolls him up for pin attempt. Gresham rolls him into an octopus. Hammer fists by Gresham, but Sabin hits his Cradle Shock. Ref counts three but then realizes that Gresham’s foot was under the ropes. The match continues. They trade an insane amount of chops. An insane series leads to Gresham bridging over Sabin for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL ROH World Champion: Jonathan Gresham

Tasha Steelz cuts a promo saying how she has Mickie James in her sights.

JONAH vs. Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander goes on a flurry of strikes. The brawl goes to the outside before hitting the apron. Josh focuses on the left ankle of JONAH. He hits a crossbody on JONAH. JONAH gets on the offensive and takes that momentum back in the ring. He gorilla press tosses Josh onto the turnbuckle.Hard strikes across the back.

Alexander goes for his C4 but can’t get JONAH up. JONAH gets him in a Canadian Backbreaker before the two men trade shots. JONAH hits a hard forearm. JONAH celebrates but Josh strikes at the ankle. Brief technical difficulties by the production team, but the brawl ensues on the outside and over the barricade when we return. Alexander literally hits a diving crossbody from the top corner and over the barricade. JONAH barely answers the count at nine.

JONAH gets hit with a diving knee in the ring for a two count. JONAH nails a superplex that shakes the ring. Both barely answer the ten count but trade more strikes when they do. JONAH turns Josh inside out for a two count. He hits a big time brainbuster on Josh for another near fall. Josh is bloody.Josh catches JONAH up top with an ankle lock, but since they’re in the corner, Josh has to break the count. JONAH misses a moonsault, Josh powerbombs JONAH. Kick out. Ankle lock. JONAH escapes, but Josh locks it in again. After awhile JONAH is forced to submit.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

Hardcore War

Rich Swann and Deaner start off the first three minutes. Deaner brings a trash can while Rich brings a chair. Swann wedges a chair in the corner, but the two trade shots with the trash can and Deaner sends Swann into the chair. Deaner uses a VBD flag to leg sweep Swann. Deaner grabs another chair. Karl Anderson is the next to come out before Willie Mack enters. They set a door on chairs and hit a 3D on Deaner. Out comes Doc Gallows. The Good Brothers and Deaner take control. Eddie Edward comes out with a kendo stick and then does two topes. Out comes Eric Young and the villains take control. Heath comes out and turns the tide. Willie Mack tries to moonsault with a trash can but misses. Joe Doering enters next. Chains, beer bottles and pipes are helping to enhance the carnage. Rhino comes out with a chain to ECW chants. Rhino fights with Eric Young. All competitors get to their feet before the ring clears for Eddie to light a kendo stick on fire. He smacks Gallows with it, but it allows Eric Young to piledrive Eddie through a table at ringside. Rich Swann 450 splashes onto EY. Willie Mack slides a barbed wire board in the ring. Joe Doering his a running DVD into the board. Willie Mack lariats Joe out with a chair. Willie pop-up punches Deaner. Karl hits a Stun Gun, but Rhino soon hits a Gore and Heath gets to cover. 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards

Post-match, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent and PCO all come out and take it to the babyfaces. They spike piledrive Willie Mack as their exclamation point as the announcers make note it’s an invasion of sorts.

Gia Miller catches Scott D’Amore in the back who has no idea what happened.

IMPACT World Championship

W. Morrissey vs. Matt Cardona vs. Moose (c)

Morrissey nails a quick big boot and gets a quick near fall on Moose. Cardona attacks both men on the outside. Moose powerbombs Cardona on the apron and Morrissey immediately does the same to Moose.

Back in the ring, Morrissey exchanges splashes, and Moose turns the tables to ultimately hits a Go To Hell, but Cardona saves the match with a Radio Silence. Boot washes by Cardona. Soon a powerbomb and an SOS Slam by all three men happens in the corner. Fight spills to the side ramp as Chelsea Green comes out and leaps onto Moose from the stage. Back at ringside, Morrissey dives on top of both men over the ropes. Cardona hits a codebreaker on Morrissey leading to him and Moose duking it out in the ring. Chelsea Green remains ringside. Cardona vaults Moose wildly through a table to the outside.

Morrissey uses a prosthetic leg to attack Cardona. Matt hits a Radio Silence on Morrissey: 1-2-no! Morrissey nails Matt with a chokeslam for a two count.Matt hits a Radio Silence from up top but Moose pulls the ref out of the ring. Matt and Moose slug it out in the middle of the ring. Matt gets a near roll-up win but Moose kicks out. Moose inadvertantly hits a Lights Out spear on a ref. Morrissey nails Moose with a massive powerbomb. He has a visible 10 count on Moose. Morrissey pulls out several chairs from under the ring. He goes to powerbomb Moose on the chairs, but Moose smacks him with a low blow before nailing Morrissey repeatedly with chair shots. Cardona comes in and hits Moose with chair shots of his own. Moose nails a low blow on Matt.

Chelsea stops Moose from nailing Matt with a chair, Moose powerbombs Matt into Chelsea and the second referee. Moose hits a Lights Out on Matt. He covers and the initial referee comes to to count the three.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Moose

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

Texas Deathmatch

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mickie James (c)

Mickie and Deonna get to the mat, but then they slug it out after a visual pin attempt by Mickie. Deonna catches Mickie with a Hot Shot. Deonna locks in a Butterfly lock and Mickie submits, but answers the count at three. They show Rok-C at ringside. Mickie and Deonna begin tossing chairs in the ring. Despite that, Mickie and Deonna fight on the outside. Deonna sends Mickie into a ring post.

Deonna confronts Rok-C before hitting Mickie with a golf club. The two fight to the top of the ramp. Deonna nails a suplex on the stage. Deonna walks to the back before returning witht a road case cart. She slides it into Mickie. Deonna gets a pin and Hebner counts. Mickie gets to her feet, bloody at nine. Deonna immediately takes rapid shots a Mickie. James plows Deonna into the ring apron several times. In the ring,Mickie ducks a chair shot and locks in a single leg crab. Mickie dropkicks Deonna through the ropes. A table is set up in the ring and Deonna plows Mickie into it before she dumps out thumbtacks. Mickie James gets booted down into them after she tries a Mick-DT to Deonna. “Holy shit” chants break out. Deonna chokes Mickie with her own ring gear as Purrazzo makes her submit. Referee counts but Mickie gets up and Deonna fights with her. Mickie pulls out a guitar, but Deonna gets her back in the ring and places a chair on Mickie’s knee. Mickie is in the thumbtacks. James nails Deonna with the chair up top. Mickie Thesz presses Deonna off the apron to get the three count. Deonna is bleeding. Rehwoldt enters and picks Deonna up right before ten. Mickie dives on top of both. Deonna is bloody now too along with Mickie. Mickie sets up a table and gets Deonna on top of it. Mickie climbs up top, but Deonna gives her a shot and she nails a Queen’s Gambit on Mickie through the table (Deonna takes most of the blow). Deonna pins Mickie for three. Ref counts but Mickie just answers at nine. Mickie catches a chair and jabs Deonna with it. Mickie grabs the guitar and nails Matthew with it. Mick-DT by Deonna. Three count. The ref counts as Mickie buries the chaos on top of Deonna. Ref counts to ten.

WINNER and STILL Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

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