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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (01/12/2023)

The show opens with Josh Mathews conducting a Zoom interview with Josh Alexander and Bully Ray. We learn that their Full Metal Mayhem match will kick off the PPV on Friday. Bully rants about how Josh making the match Full Metal Mayhem has ultimately put the advantage in Bully’s court. Bully promises to become 3-time world champ.

Heath vs. Brian Myers

A few minutes into the bout, the ref ejects Rhino and Cardona from ringside. Myers takes Heath down with a crossbody at ringside. Back inside, Heath punches Myers and hits a running knee before connecting with a neckbreaker, cover. Heath prevents Roster Cut but gets hit with a spear for a nearfall. Heath connects with his finisher for the three.

Winner: Heath

Jessicka finds Taya Valkyrie on the floor backstage.

Rosemary vs. Savannah Evans

Rosemary charges Evans out the gate but gets shoved down. Rosemary sends Evans out of the ring before diving off the top rope to wipe out both Evans and Jai Vidal. Back from break, Rosemary stomps away on Evans. Rosemary wraps Evans up in the ropes. Evans applies a headlock on the mat. Rosemary breaks free and manages a suplex, cover. Evans plants her with a spinebuster before doing a bridging suplex cover. Vidal gets shoved by Jessicka on the outside. Rosemary knocks Shaw off the apron. Evans hits the full-nelson slam.

Winner: Savannah Evans

We see vignettes for Taylor Wilde and Mickie James.

Sami Callihan meets with The Design in the ring. After Sami and Deaner go back and forth, Sami sits down in a chair for Angels to clip his hair. Sami takes the buzzer out of Deaner’s hands and shaves his own head. Deaner introduces him as “Callihan.”

Mike Bailey vs. Anthony Greene

They locked up to start. Bailey delivers a series of kicks to send Greene out of the ring. Greene turned things around by diving out onto Speedball. Back inside, Greene applies a single leg crab. After some nearfalls, Bailey does the PK Kick. He hits the roundhouse kick and Ultimo Weapon for the win.

Winner: Mike Bailey

The commentators confirm Grace vs. James will main event Hard to Kill.

Moose, Eddie Edwards & Steve Maclin vs. Joe Hendry, Rich Swann & Jonathan Gresham

Edwards and Gresham start, but Maclin is tagged in to actually start with lockup and headlocks. After Swann comes in, he’s targeted for a while, especially by Moose. Towards the end, Edwards laid out Swann. Gresham comes in and hits a cutter on Edwards. Maclin boots Gresham, but Hendry hits a pop-up powerbomb on Maclin. Moose blind tags in and spears Hendry to get the pinfall.

Winners: Moose, Eddie Edwards & Steve Maclin

Post-match while Eddie was still in the ring, the lights flashed and a thunder noise sounded. The show went off the air with Eddie confused.


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