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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (01/13/2022)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, it’s title for title as Deonna Purrazzo puts her Reina De Reinas Championship on the line against Rok-C’s ROH Women’s World Championship!


January 13, 2022, Dallas, TX

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & D’Lo Brown

A ticked off W. Morrissey kicks off the show. He wants Moose to get his ass out into the IMPACT Zone right now. At Hard To Kill, W. had him beat for a ten count. He says Moose walks around here with a title that he practically stole. W. Morrissey tells him to have the balls to face someone man to man. “Morrissey” chants start. He’s not going to stop until Moose gives him a World Title. He wants it tonight. Moose pops up on the big screen. He told him that he was going to prove why he’s the greatest champion at Hard To Kill. Morrissey says there is going to be a World Title shot tonight, but it’s not going to be Morrissey. Morrissey says he has a feeling Moose isn’t going to have a chance to defend that belt tonight. Backstage, D’Amore says he already made that match official. Morrissey says he wants to have that match tonight, but D’Amore gets word of an invasion Sure enough, Matt Taven, Vincent, Mike Bennett and PCO all come out to attack D’Lo. It takes two apron sentons by PCO to put D’Lo through the table.

Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid

Trey Miguel joins Tom on commentary and Trey makes comments about Bey who starts off the bout with some strikes. He and LK exchange dives before we head to break.

Back from it, Bey is in control and hits back guillotine to Laredo Kid. Bey continues that attack and tosses LK. Bey and Trey exchange words. LK and Bey battle on the apron. LK finds his groove and hits a sharp tope on the opposite end. Big forearm shiver by LK followed by a slam in the corner. Bottom rope moonsault (2 of them) for a two count. Two men trade some hard shots. Bey sends LK face fist into the turnbuckle. Arn like spine-buster by Bey. Brain-buster. Two count. LK rolls Bey up for a two count too. LK reverses a burning hammer and another forearm shiver by LK in the corner. Enziguri to Bey up top. Massive modified Spanish Fly from the top rope: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Laredo Kid

Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino are pissed at the ROH locker. Eddie says they split up and go after them.

Brian Myers is back with VSK and Zicky Dice. He says both Zicky and VSK are about to get cut, but Zicky reveals he’s the contender for Moose’s World Title. He also bought a real big pizza.

Jake Something vs. Mike Bailey

Ace Austin joins commentary. Something nails Bailey with a shoulder tackle but Bailey pops right back up. Not a second time though. Bailey does fight back with kicks and dropkicks Jake out of the ring. Jake powerbombs Bailey onto the apron. He gets Speedball back in the ring for the cover of a two count. Hard right forearm gets another two count. Something catches a running Bailey with a body press. Bailey does catch Something with a moonsault to the outside. “Speedball” chants. Bailey goes for a rana off the top but Something catches him. Bailey is so quick that he kicks Something down in a flurry. Very impressive corkscrew moonsault gets a two count. Something nails Bailey with a seated lariat and then a falcon arrow for a two count. Bailey kicks Something down and then nails him in the back with some 450 knees for the three count.

WINNER: Mike Bailey

The Good Brothers and VBD say they didn’t take out their opponents at Hard To Kill so what’s the point of this alliance? Eric Young wants them to think of the possibilities of keeping that alliance. They see Rhino attacked by what has to be ROH and they attack him nonetheless.

Gia Miller is with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. She notes of the couple’s losses at Hard To Kill. Matt realizes how rare that opportunity is. He has to focus on his own luck. In Chelsea’s opinion, Matt should’ve and could’ve won. She feels the same about herself in the Ultimate X match. She was so close to being #1 contender, but it didn’t happen. Enter Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans. Steelz says she became the winner of the match because she is a winner. Not a loser like Matt. Chelsea challenges Steelz to a match next week and shoves her down.

Masha Slamovich vs. Vert Vixen

Masha is dominant. She tosses Vixen down several times before nailing a lariat and then a thunder driver for the swift 1-2-3.

WINNER: Masha Slamovich

Out comes Josh Alexander. He hears Dallas chanting for him. Another thing he’s been hearing for the past few months is he needs to keep his emotions in check. If he does that, then and only then will he get his World Championship match. Despite all the battles since Slammiversary, he has never lost focus. Alexander says Moose has no problem handing out title match after title match to anyone who asks. If Moose intends to defend that title against Zicky Dice, he has to go through The Walking Weapon. If he doesn’t get his World Championship match, he’s got to think long and hard about his future. Suddenly, out comes Charlie Haas!

Haas reintroduces himself to wrestling fans. He tells Josh he’s a great wrestler and one helluva wrestler. People don’t understand how hard they work at their craft. He was a D1 wrestler in college and he was a part of one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling. Haas cuts to the chase. Josh is the pinnacle and he has a lot left in the tank. He challenges Josh Alexander to a match. Josh mentions how he’s got World Title gold on his mind and Charlie slugs him. They have to be pulled a part.

Mickie James introduces herself to Rok-C. RC notes that everything’s been a little cold around here due to the ROH invasion of the locker room but Mickie has some words of advice for her regarding Deonna Purrazzo. Rok-C appreciates her input.

IMPACT World Championship

Zicky Dice vs. Moose (c)

Moose comes out in street clothes. Brian Myers joins commentary. Zicky goes to strike Moose but he gets hit with a uranage. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Moose

Morrissey boots Dice down and goes after Moose who bails. Morrissey holds up the IMPACT World Title as Moose limps back down to the ring. VSK gets choke-slammed for his efforts by Morrissey as Moose grabs hold of his title. Morrissey gives chase to Moose who drives off.

Scott D’Amore joins Tom on commentary. They are still waiting on an update on D’Lo. D’Amore says the only two talents representing ROH are Jonathan Gresham and Rok-C. The rest are renegades. Singh is on the mic. He tells the fans to shut their mouths. He’s here dealing with disrespect after disrespect. He wants D’Amore to send someone out there for him to face. He gets JONAH.

Raj Singh vs. JONAH

Raj slaps JONAH several times, but no effect. He clotheslines Singh down. Singh does get JONAH cornered, but JONAH vaults him off his shoulders for a senton splash. JONAH ascends up for a tsunami splash: 1-2-3.


The Influence rips into IInspiration for not being around. Enter Decay. Their schedule is wide open. How about Influence next week take Havok and Rosemary? Suddenly we see Eddie Edwards down after what appears to be another ROH attack.

Gia Miller is with Jonathan Gresham. He makes clear he has no insight about his ROH colleagues’ actions. He follows The Foundation pure rules at all costs. Steve Maclin takes exception. He doesn’t quite believe Gresham. You don’t turn your back on your brothers. Next week, he challenges Maclin to a World Title match next week, but under pure rules.

Reigna de Reignas Title vs. ROH Women’s Title

Deonna Purrazzo (c) (w/ Matthew Rehwoldt) vs. Rok-C (c)

Ian Riccaboni joins Tom on commentary and so does Rehwoldt. The two have a chess match of grappling before we head to a commercial. Rok-C hits the Rok knees when we return, but it’s not long before Deonna dumps Rok to the outside. Rok-C just answers the ten count. Deonna attacks Rok-C in the corner and works the arm. Deonna steps on Rok’s arm further. Deonna covers for a two count. Deonna very much focuses on the arm. Rok nails a Code Rok, but Deonna kicks out at two. Rok soon gets the Rok Lock on after escaping submission attempts of Purrazzo. Suddenly Rok turns it around into her Fujiwa Armbar. Brian Hebner is about to call for the bell but Rok-C stops him. Deonna does not relent and Rok-C is trapped. The bell sounds and we have a new ROH Women’s Champion.

WINNER and NEW ROH Women’s World Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-match Maria Kanellis comes out. Out comes the five ROH renegades. Matthew Rehwoldt leaves commentary to protect Deonna. Rich Swann and Willie Mack come out to save them, but the numbers game is too much. They get laid out. The five ROH renegades stand tall to end the show as they get booed.


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