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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (01/26/2021)

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

This week on IMPACT Wrestling AEW’s Matt Hardy & Private Party will appear after sneaking out the number one contendership for the IMPACT Tag Titles last week. Plus, Joe Doering faces Cousin Jake.

IMPACT Wrestling, January 26, 2020

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

IMPACT starts off with its World Champion, Rich Swann. He asks for his music to get cut. His whole life he wanted to be a pro wrestler. He worked and busted his tail off. He dreamed all his hard work would pay off and he’d become world champion. That hard work has paid off, but now he realizes what a target he has on his back. That’s okay though. He fights hard and he didn’t come out here to whine and cry. He actually has a little business to attend to. Swann invites Dreamer out. He says February 13 is No Surrender, but that also happens to be Dreamer’s 50th birthday. He’s helped so many in this industry. He helped Swann so much in his career. Even watching him back in the “Land of Extreme.”

On February 13, it would be Swann’s honor to defend the belt against him. Sami Callihan comes out. Typical politicking Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann coming to embarrass the company. Next out comes Chris Bey. He says it’s his 25th birthday on February 13 and it should be Bey vs. Swann 2. Out comes Moose. He notes Swann has never beat him. He knows he’s a man of his word and he has a really good memory of when he almost decapitated his friend Willie Mack. Swann reminded Moose that Moose wanted his shot on “his time” and that’s not now according to Swann. They all begin to brawl. Out comes Willie Mack making his return. Sami hacks the lights and Shamrock appears to regulate the babyfaces.

Back from break, Dreamer, Swann and Mack want a match against Sami, Moose, Bey and Shamrock. They come across D’Amore who says they have a fourth member and he’s in his office. Swann is elated.

Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Alexander gets Madman down with an ankle lock attempt but he forces Josh into the corner. Tag to Ace Austin. Spinebuster by Alexander. Blind tag to Cardona. Flapjack and then a lariat out of the ring. Alexander sends Fulton outside and then he launches Cardona on top of them. We go to break.

Ace and Fulton have isolated Alexander in their corner. Side headlock by Ace and Fulton kicks him in the back. Austin has him grounded. Fulton gets the tag and claw smashes Alexander down to the mat. He soon boot chokes him in the corner. Big body press in the corner. Tag to Austin after some taunting to Cardona. Alexander fights them off and Cardona gets the hot tag. He tosses out Fulton before hitting a missile dropkick to Ace. He then dropkicks his way out of the ring to his foes. Pin attempt to Ace, but Fulton breaks it up. Fulton tags himself in and stomps away at Cardona in the corner. Alexander comes over to break it all up. Alexander fires away at Fulton despite being the illegal man. This allows Cardona to come in with his leg lariat finisher on Fulton for the win.

WINNERS: Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander

Rohit Raju seems to be talking to someone, asking for help as he gets ready for his non-title match next week. He asks if he can count on this person. Whoever it is agrees.

A new paid ad from AEW. Tony Khan cares about Tony Schiavone. He says IMPACT Wrestling is like his own personal fantasy league. Last week his first time in the IMPACT Zone. So was Matt Hardy, so was Jerry Lynn, so was Private Party. Schiavone goes over the card for tomorrow’s Dynamite.

Cardona and Alexander runs into Brian Myers backstage. He goes for a “bro” fist bump, but Myers takes insult to Alexander tagging with his “Jannetty.” He says he’s going to fight a former World Champion in Eddie Edwards because that’s what he does.

Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards

The two jock for position and Eddie out maneuvers him before a reset. Myers knees Eddie at the ropes and gives him a Manhattan drop, a belly-to-belly and a tope suicida onto the stage.

Myers takes a cheap shot on the apron and begins to focus on Eddie’s arm. On the outside, Eddie rolls back in the ring and Myers focuses on Eddie’s taped arm before choking him in the corner. Myers calls Eddie a garbage wrestler. Suplex and pin attempt for two. Chin and arm lock by Myers. He trips Eddie up while on the outside and then goes right back to the left arm. Elbow drop for a two.

Soon after, Eddie hits a backpack stunner for a two. Myers hits a jumping Downward Spiral for a two. Myers sizes him up and charges at Edward, but Eddie drives his thumb into Myers’ eye. He won’t relent and the ref calls for the bell. He then bites Myers.

WINNER via DQ: Brian Myers

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are backstage. Hogan reveals that the sales for their Fire & Flava Festival aren’t too good and mentions a lot of ugly people are attending. Steelz suggests a masquerade celebration as Kiera questions about the lack of wait staff. In comes Johnny Swinger with some ladies and it gets Hogan’s gears turning.

Matt Hard & Private Party Backstage

Private Party and Matt Hardy are backstage. Hardy tries to take credit for it and Private Party kind of agree. Now they got to concern about No Surrender. He places a “bounty”/”bonus” for the IMPACT Tag Titles and the AEW Tag Titles. “More money” for Matt means more money for Private Party.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) vs. Rosemary (with Crazzy Steve)

Rosemary gives Tenille a sidewalk slam. Kaleb tosses Tenille a camera bag and she hits Rosemary with it as Kaleb distracts the ref. Tenille soon avoids a dropkick and then does her low crossbody in the corner for two. Tenille goes on the attack, but soon Rosemary hits some lariats and a slingblade. T-Bone suplex by Rosemary.She hits a package DDT on Tenille and gets the W.

WINNER: Rosemary

Acey Romero is happy to have Larry D back but he’s unhappy he was enchanted into Lawrence by Rosemary. She walks up with Crazzy Steve who gets slapped by D. Fallah B is playing blackjack with John E. Bravo as Johnny Swinger calls it his casino. He introduces his Swingerellas as Hogan and Steelz come in to invite Swinger to Fire & Flava Festival as long as he brings the girls. They reluctantly invite John E. Bravo after Swinger calls him his poker dealer and Bahh tries to get invited but looks like he’s out of luck.

Susan, Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo gloat about their special run they’ve been on. In comes Jazz and Jordynne Grace. They try to remind Susan of her “Su” origins, but Susan challenges her to a match next week.

Fire & Flava Festival

Alisha Edwards is MC’ing as Bravo stands in the ring with the Swingerellas. Alisha introduces Tasha and Kiera. The referee calls this all a dumpster fire. The Swingerellas hand out the catering which is moldy bread and cheese with the wrappers Bravo notes. Out comes The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but reveals to be Nevaeh who takes out Hogan. Havok shows up in the ring and does the same to Steelz. The catering gets thrown at them.

Sabin and James Storm are drinking backstage. They aren’t finished with Private Party or Matt Hardy or The Good Brothers for that matter. They have a shot of whiskey.

Tasha and Hogan tell the referee that there are no refunds to Fire & Flava Festival.

Joe Doering vs. Cousin Jake

Doering displays his power and does an impressive bodyslam elbow combo. Not long after though, Cousin Jake dives on top of Doering from the outside but he hurts his ankle. Back in the ring, Doering hits a running cross body. DVD followed by a lariat gets the W.

WINNER: Joe Doering

Post-match, Violent By Design wedges a chair onto Jake’s ankle, but instead of attacking him, Eric gives him a VBD towel. Is this an offer?

Moose, Chris Bey, Sami Callihan & vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Tommy Dreamer & Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel has returned to IMPACT and it sounds like it’s something steady!

Tommy Dreamer and Moose start it off until Bey tags himself in. Dreamer and Swann double team elbow him for his troubles and we go to the final break.

Back from break it’s Sami and Swann. Sami goes for a package piledriver but Swann gets free. Mack gets a tag and Samoan Drops Sami.

Moose and Willie go at it and Moose attacks Mack’s knee. Tag to Sami who continues the focus. Willie remains isolated. Pop-up powerbomb to Willie Mack. Moose literally powerbombs Bey on top of him. Two count by Bey. Willie hits a pop-up forearm on Bey and both men tag. Trey comes in hot and takes it major to Sami Callihan. He catches him with an atomic drop.

Later on, it’s a trading of moves and finishers by all contestants. Trey hits a shotgun missile dropkick on Moose before sizing up Sami. Sami hits a move but Trey rolls him up and gets the victory.

WINNERS: Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, Tommy Dreamer & Rich Swann

Post-match, Ken Shamrock flips out and locks him in the ankle lock. The show ends.


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