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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (02/09/2023)

The show opens with a video package looking back at last week while previewing what’s to come tonight.

Matt Cardona arrives and initially has trouble accessing the locker room. The guy working the door mistakes him for Joe Hendry and leads him to the wrong room at first. The guy then escorts Cardona to a closet as opposed to the cocktail platter that Hendry’s room had.

Qualifying Match: Brian Myers vs. Dirty Dango

Dango takes Myers to the corner to start before doing to hip thrusts. Myers with a headlock and then shoulder tackle. Dango comes back with arm drags and then a float over suplex into an arm bar on the mat. Dango with a leg drop, but Myers rolls outside. Myers goes under the ring and pulls Dango into the ring apron shoulder-first. Myers takes control with a headlock in the ring. Myers connects with a suplex, then covers. Myers and Dango clash at the same time and hit the mat. Dango gets back up with chest chops and a whip across the ring with uppercuts. Side Russian Legsweep from Dango, followed by the Dirt Bag Shuffle leg drop. Falcon Arrow from Dango, kick out at two. Dango hops outside the ring but Myers pulls the apron so he splits on it. Myers hits Roster Cut outside and then inside the ring for the pinfall win.

Winner: Brian Myers

Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal walk into catering. Shaw ruins a couple meals before walking into Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna says it’s her business now that Shaw mentioned Chelsea Green. Purrazzo throws a bowl of beans in Shaw’s face. Santino Marella intervenes and books Purrazzo vs. Shaw for No Surrender.

Gia Miller interviews Trey Miguel. Trey is freaked out about what Crazzy Steve is up to. Trey’s graphic behind him turns to red blood pouring instead of green spray paint.

The Good Hands vs. Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James

Mickie and Hotch start the bout with a wrist lock. Dreamer comes in with a leg drop and twists the arm to tag in Mickie, who jumps in with an arm breaker. Dreamer and James pick apart Skyler until Dreamer throws both of The Good Hands out of the ring. Dreamer leaps off the apron with double flying clotheslines. James jumps off the top rope with a double crossbody. Good Hands get back in and double team Dreamer by keeping him in the heel corner and working quick tags. Dreamer breaks free with a cutter on Skyler. Mickie comes back in with clotheslines to Hotch. She does a head scissors out of the corner and then a flapjack. Skyler breaks up Mickie’s cover by pulling her hair. Mick Kick connects. Mickie and Dreamer hit stereo DDTs and Mickie pins Hotch for the win.

Winners: Mickie James and Tommy Dreamer

Bully Ray attacks Dreamer as they celebrate. He comes face to face with Mickie, but Masha attacks her from behind. Masha drops the champ with the Snow Plow. Bully and Masha stand tall.

Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice run into Santino backstage. Santino reminds Swinger he needs to win 50 matches to get a title shot. Dango interjects and they all argue until Dango and Santino leave. Dice hypes up Swinger.

Steph De Lander vs. Jordynne Grace

De Lander cuts a promo beforehand, stating that Jordynne has had a fall from grace since losing her title. Now she’s about to lose to a newcomer.

They lock up to start, but De Lander pushes Jordynne into the corner. Jordynne punches Steph and then kicks her out of the ring. Grace does a dropkick in the ropes and flips back into the ring. Steph gets in a cheap shot, allowing her a cover for one. Steph drives her shoulder into Grace in the corner, cover. Steph applies a headlock, but Grace powers up to her feet, but Steph takes her back down. De Lander hits a big suplex, but Grace gets right back up. Grace with forearm shots. Steph picks her up, but Grace slips out. Backhand and a German suplex from Grace, but Steph kicks out. Steph prevents the Grace Driver, so Jordynne slaps her. Grace hits Snake Eyes, followed by a big boot and two count. Jordynne manages to hit the Grace Driver for the three.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Matt Cardona vents to another personnel backstage about his locker room situation. The guy leads Cardona outside the venue and shuts the door.

Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde vs. The Death Dollz

Rosemary and Taya are representing Death Dollz. Taya starts things with Kelly as the two lock up. Kelly kicks Taya and swings at Rosemary in the face corner. Rosemary comes in to cover after Taya hits a German off the ropes. Rosemary does the Upside Down in the ropes to choke Kelly. Wilde reads her tarot cards on the apron and then tags in. Wilde runs into the turnbuckle then is hit by Rosemary. Wilde holds Rosemary in their corner before tagging Kelly.

Kelly does a stalling bridge into a cover. Wilde back in with a knee and couple punches. Double clotheslines take them both down. Taya and Kelly get the tags. Taya controls with a kick and clothesline. Taya hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Kelly does a running kick and looks for a tag, but Wilde is still reading her cards. Wilde tosses a devil card at Kelly. Kelly runs into Road to Valhalla with an assist from Rosemary. Taya covers for three.

Winners: Death Dollz

While celebrating, Father James Mitchell returns. He tells Rosemary it’s been quite some time since they last crossed paths. He says Jessicka reminds him of somebody he knows. He then reveals that he was sent to put a ‘hex’ on Rosemary. The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Bell) ambush Jessicka and Taya from behind. Rosemary runs back in and gets beat up as well.

Eddie Edwards pleas for Shera to take out PCO tonight.

Motor City Machine Guns talk to Kushida when Ace and Bey interrupt. Ace says they are not the same team from before they went to Japan. Bey lays out a challenge for a six-man tag match including Kenta.

Qualifying Match: Shera vs. PCO

PCO delivers several gut punches to start. Shera rolls out, so PCO flips through the ropes to take him down on the outside. PCO chokses Raj Singh and then Shera at the same time. They push him off into the ring apron. Shera takes PCO back inside and to the corner for a spear. PCO is busted open as he chokes Shera in the corner. Shera elbows him off, but PCO counters with a clothesline. PCO drops Shera with a reverse DDT. PCO goes up top for a huge moonsault. PCO covers for the win.

Winner: PCO

Matt Cardona tells Gia Miller that he had to change in the parking lot. He leaves and finds Myers hanging out with a few guys singing Hendry’s catchy theme song.

Frankie Kazarian talks to Sami Callihan about what he’s doing with The Design lately. The trio walks up and Kazarian challenges Kon to a match at No Surrender.

Set for next week:

Chris Bey vs. Kushida

Qualifier: Eddie Edwards vs. Heath

Qualifier: Steve Maclin vs. Rhino

Rich Swann vs. Kenny King in the main event

Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Matt Cardona

Hendry starts with a promo, saying he recently beat Moose and now he gets to defend against “Edge’s b*tch.” Cardona hits Radio Silence right off the bat, but Hendry manages to kick out. Cardona is tossed to the outside where Hendry runs him over with a clothesline. Back inside, Hendry hits a powerslam and stalling suplex, cover. Hendry is taken to the outside and both men are down in pain. We return from break to find Cardona kicking Hendry in the corner. Hendry makes a brief comeback, but Cardona hits a neckbreaker for a cover.

Cardona puts the champ in a headlock. Hendry approaches Cardona, but Cardona pulls the ref in between them. Hendry is thrown off and eats Reboot in the corner, cover. Hendry hits the Trust Fall, but Cardona kicks out. Hendry lands a big cutter, Cardona puts his foot on the rope. Cardona hits Radio Silence again, but the champ kicks out. Cardona jumps off the top, but Hendry catches him with a powerbomb. Myers runs out and slides the title in the ring. Myers accidentally hits Roster Cut on Cardona. Hendry tosses Myers out and hits Standing Ovation on Cardona for the win.

Winner: Joe Hendry (c)

Moose runs out and spears Cardona before Hendry dumps Moose out of the ring. Hendry says tonight’s about Matt Cardona and he plays the “Edge’s b*tch” song. Cardona sits in the ring at a loss for words to end the show.


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