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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (02/16/2023)

In memory of Jerry Jarrett.

We start with a video package highlighting what went down between Matt Cardona and Joe Hendry last week. We then send it to the ring for the opening bout.

Kushida vs. Chris Bey

Bey hides in the ropes to start. They end up on the mat for some chain wrestling before Kushida backs off. Test of strength initiated by Bey. Bey double stomps Kushida on the back. Bey throws a few punches, but Kushida comes back with a springboard elbow off the ropes. Outside the ring, Bey drives Kushida into the apron. They go back inside as Kushida kicks Bey’s arm and then again flies out of the ring with a knee to the left arm. Back in, Kushida works the left arm until Bey gets to his feet and punches his way out. Kushida applies a chinlock and ten dropkicks the left arm in the corner.

Kushida twists the arm in a hammerlock. Bey escapes and manages to kick Kushida on the outside. They double clothesline each other and both are down. They beat the count right before 10. They throw punches in the middle of the ring for quite a bit until Bey breaks it up with kicks. Bey uses his injured left arm for a strike in the corner. Bey drops Kushida with a nearfall. They trade big kicks and Bey falls out of the ring. Kushida goes up top and front flips onto Bey. Kushida dropkicks the left arm and goes for a lock, but Bey bucks him off. Bey drops Kushida, but there’s another kick out. Bey goes for Art of Finnesse, but Kushida catches him with the hover board lock. Bey gets out and hits a spin kick. Kushida rolls Bey up into a small package for the three count

Winner: Kushida

Santino sits down with Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray backstage. Santino proposes a live Busted Open recording at No Surrender. They end up yelling at each other until Santino interferes and pitches a Beat The Clock challenge for next week.

Qualifier: Steve Maclin vs. Rhino

Rhino starts with a headlock. Maclin breaks free and kicks Rhino. Rhino puts Maclin in the corner for chest chops. Maclin goes for a German, but Rhino hits one of his own. Rhino lands a hip toss and teases the Gore, but Maclin rolls out of the ring. Outside, Rhino delivers chops until he hits the ring post. After the break, Maclin is beating down Rhino in the ring. Maclin clotheslines and goes for a cover, two.

Maclin holds Rhino in the ropes for a running knee. Maclin places Rhino in the corner for a chop and kicks. Maclin applies a chinlock in the middle of the ring. Maclin goes a for a diving headbutt, but Rihno rolls out of the way. Rhino comes back with clotheslines and shoulder in the corner, nearfall. Maclin throws forearms to the face, but Rhino counters wit a spinebuster. Maclin hits a Gore of his own, but Rhino kicks out. Maclin hits Heath’s own Wake Up Call on Rhino to score the victory.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Gia Miller attempts to sit down with Masha Slamovich, but Masha keeps er answers short and in Russian.

Johnny Swinger vs. Barry Horowitz

As Swinger attempts to hit 50 wins, Zicky Dice introduces his next opponent – Barry Horowitz. Barry barely walks down the ramp, and Swinger takes it to him when the bell rings. Barry manages to throw punches in the corner. Swinger goes for a neckbreaker, but The Demon walks out onto the stage. Barry rolls Swinger up for the win.

Winner: Barry Horowitz

Gia Miller interviews Moose. Moose reiterates that he is the wrestling god and he is going to get even for what happened last week. Moose goes out and smashes a car window in. Santino runs out and reveals that it was his car that Moose was destroying. Joe Hendry walks up and has words, which leads to Santino booking a Dot Combat match.

Qualifier: Eddie Edwards vs. Heath

Heath has control to start with a boot in the corner before clotheslining Eddie out of the ring. Heath throws Eddie back in but eats a hip attack. Eddie dives out to take him down. Eddie throws Heath back in and delivers a knee to the head. Heath kicks out. Eddie throws jabs and covers again. Heath hits his comeback with a running knee and then a power slam, cover. Eddie counters Wake Up Call, but Heath hits a spinebuster, cover. Heath goes up top and eats a kick to the head. Eddie hits a big superplex and then a Tiger Driver for a nearfall. Eddie with a big clothesline before trying another Tiger Driver when PCO’s thunder rumbles. Heath takes advantage and hits Wake Up Call for the three count.

Winner: Heath

Eddie gets up as PCO enters the ring. Eddie and PCO brawl until PCO flattens him. PCO hits a reverse DDT and then goes up top but Eddie rolls out.

The Design talk to Sami Callihan backstage. Frankie Kazarian and Yuya Yumera have challenged two members of The Design to a tag match next week.

Father James Mitchell cuts a promo with The Hex. He calls them the next tag team champions. Kay and Belle also speak about returning to Impact as they have unfinished business. James bids them farewell.

Masha Slamovich vs. Alisha Edwards

Mickie James joins commentary for this match. Alisha throws the first couple chops, but Masha eventually clotheslines her twice. Masha hits a snap suplex. Alisha goes for a kick, but Masha catches her with a German. Masha connects with Snow Plow for the victory.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Masha applies a choke hold until Mickie gets in to break it up. Masha applies the rear naked choke on Mickie until other officials try to break it up. Masha relents and retreats to the back.

Crazzy Steve cuts a backstage promo on Trey Miguel and issues a challenge for a X-Division title shot in a Monster’s Ball match.

Santino officially books Gresham vs. Bailey for No Surrender. Dirty Dango helps him book Gresham and Bailey vs. Motor City Machine Guns for next week. Barry Horowitz says he wants to chase a winning streak. Santino books Barry vs. Rhino, and Barry decides to just go out on top.

Set for next week:

  • Beat The Clock: Tommy Dreamer vs. Bully Ray

  • Jonathan Gresham & Mike Bailey vs. Motor City Machine Guns

  • Allysin Kay vs. Taya Valkyrie

  • Deaner & Callihan vs. Kazarian & Yuya Yuemera

  • Monster’s Ball X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Crazzy Steve

  • Rich Swann vs. Kenny King

King starts things off by taking Swann to the corner with strikes. King runs at Swann but Swann dodges and King falls out of the ring. Swann tosses him back in for a big crossbody, cover. Swann whips King across the ring a couple times before a snap mare and kick to the back. King catches Swann and drops him face first into the turnbuckle. King clotheslines Swann and gets in a cover. King goes for a legdrop but Swann avoids.

After the break, Swann clocks King with back fists and then a neckbreaker. Swann hits a big kick and covers. King rolls Swann up out of the corner and lands a big spinebuster. Swann hits a pump kick, but King fires back with a super man punch and scoop slam for the two. After brief back and forth, Swann manages to hit a big poisonrana for a nearfall. Swann with a spin kick to the midsection. King grabs Swann’s leg for a single leg crab out of nowhere.

Swann reaches the bottom rope to break it up. King and Swann flatten each other by trading kicks. Swann lands a springboard cutter, but King kicks out. Swann hits the Phoenix Splash on the mat as King rolls out. King hits Tiger Driver, kickout. King goes for Royal Flush, but Swann rolls him up for the three.

Winner: Rich Swann

King beats Swann down quickly. He grabs a chair, but Josh Alexander runs down. Swann goes to super kick King, but he moves and Swann hits Josh instead to end the show.


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