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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (02/23/2023)

The show kicks off with a vignette from Crazzy Steve before we see Steve and Trey Miguel locked up for 24 hours before their main event.

Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Shelley and Gresham start with a lock up. They chain wrestle around until Shelley gets in a quick cover. Speedball briefly works Shelley until Gresham takes over again. Bailey works the left leg but Sabin sneaks in a tag and clotheslines Bailey. Sabin attempts a cover before applying a headlock. Guns double clothesline Bailey as Shelley is legal again for a moment. Bailey unloads with kicks on Sabin and both men go down.

Gresham is tagged and throws punches with Sabin. Gresham gets MCMG all turned around and kicks them. Shelley traps Bailey for a moment until Bailey targets the leg. MCMG double team Gresham with a couple slams including a Magic Killer. Gresham hoists Sabin up for a stalling suplex. They each make tags. Speedball kicks Shelley but misses a flip. Shelley tries to target the left leg as payback but Bailey breaks free and puts MCMG in a double maneuver that ends with Shelley trapped in a leg bar. Shelley reaches the rope.

Bailey dodges Skull and Bones and moonsaults out onto Sabin. Shelley kicks Bailey from the apron, but Gresham wipes out Shelley. Shelley gets trapped in a figure four. Gresham and Shelley run around each other. Gresham hits a moonsault as Speedball takes out Sabin. The tag champs are double teamed back in the ring. Gresham applies the figure four again on Shelley. Bailey flips onto Shelley, but still kicks out. Sabin slams Bailey onto the figure four to break it up.

“This is awesome” chants break out as they get back to their feet. Speedball almost hits Gresham, which allows MCMG to double team Bailey. Gresham rolls up Shelley but he kicks out. Speedball gets spiked out of the ring. Sabin is legal as MCMG drop Gresham together. Sabin covers the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

A vignette for Rich Swann’s world title match on Friday airs.

We see footage of Gisele Shaw attacking Deonna Purrazzo on BTI last week. Purrazzo addresses the camera and thanks Shaw for proving she’s a problem. She promises to break her arm at No Surrender.

Beat The Clock Challenge: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jason Hotch

John Skyler cuts a promo while walking to the ring. He says Hotch will be victorious. Dreamer comes out and we get started. Dreamer gets hit with a neckbreaker early on. He cuts Hotch off on the top rope. Dreamer then climbs up top and drops him with a big slam at 1:15.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer (1:15)

We see footage of Joe Hendry doing a meet and greet at the recent taping. He rallies the fans and says he’ll beat Moose on Friday.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Allysin Kay

Taya side steps Kay off the bat and throws punches in the corner. Kay reverses and throws more gut punches. They take turns cutting each other off when running the ropes. Taya applies an arm bar until Kay gets the rope. Taya hits a spear and covers for a two. Taya throws clotheslines in the corner before hitting a hip attack. Taya runs and hits double knees while Kay is still down.

After the break, Kay has control and hits a chop. Taya is whipped across the ring and Kay teases a hip attack but doesn’t. Taya reverses and hits another big hip attack. Kay throws a big right to knock Valkyrie down, cover. Taya with a flurry of strikes and kicks leads to a clothesline. Taya hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two. Taya gets AK in a chinlock on the mat. Kay lifts Taya up and drops her with a driver but Taya kicks out. Marti distracts Taya, which allows a super kick. Rosemary takes Marti down but Kay hits AK-47 for the win.

Winner: Allysin Kay

Santino finishes a contract signing with Alexander and Swann backstage. Swann tries to apologize for the super kick last week. Josh says he doesn’t have it in him, which offends Swann. Steve Maclin eventually interrupts and doesn’t apologize. He calls Swann a choke artist which leads to a brawl breaking out.

Deaner & Callihan vs. Frankie Kazarian & Yuya Uemura

Deaner and Kazarian start, but Deaner tags Callihan in instead. Deaner does a thumbs down, which prompts Sami to destroy Kaz. Sami is instructed to make a tag. Deaner comes in and unloads with punches. Kaz comes back with arm drags and a big clothesline to take Deaner down. Yuya gets the tag and helps Kaz with a double team, cover. Yuya drops an elbow drop, cover. Deaner takes Yuya to the heel corner for Sami to tag in. Yuya fights back with an upper cut, but Deaner drags Yuya by the hair when the ref isn’t looking.

Deaner back in and clubs Yuya while holding his face in the rope. Sami applies a headlock. Kon runs over and takes Kaz off the apron. Yuya gets dragged back over for Deaner to come in with a series of stomps. Sami back in with a body slam. Deaner goes for a headbutt of the top, but Yuya rolls away. Kaz gets the tag and works both members of Design. Kaz slams Sami and hits a leg drop off the ropes, cover. Angels tries to distract. Sami throws Kaz with an exploder.

Deaner rolls through and tags Yuya. He hits both heels and kicks Sami before hitting a belly to belly over throw on Deaner. Yuya does a crossbody on Deaner but Sami breaks it up. Kaz comes in and scores the pinfall over Sami after Sami didn’t tag in Deaner.

Winners: Frankie Kazarian & Yuya Uemura

Mickie James says she didn’t tap out at Hard to Kill, but Jordynne Grace insists that she did. We also hear from Masha Slamovich who insists she will beat Mickie before she can rematch with Jordynne.

Backstage, Sami wants to know how that was step five. Deaner says it’s a covent not a contract. Deaner speculates about it still being a ploy and reminds him Kon will face Kaz tomorrow and still has two steps left.

Beat The Clock Challenge: Bully Ray vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Bully drills Gujjar with a steel chain while the ref is distracted by The Good Hands. Bully pins and wins 45 seconds in to earn the right to speak first on the live edition of Busted Open at No Surrender.

Winner: Bully Ray

Backstage, Gujjar apologizes to Dreamer. Tommy tells him to use this loss to his advantage so he can get better.

Commentary runs down the card for No Surrender.

X-Division Championship Monster’s Ball Match: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Crazzy Steve

Steve tackles Trey to start and throws right hands. Steve dumps Trey out of the ring and leaps out onto him. Steve grabs a couple chairs from under the ring but Trey trips him into them. Trey pulls Steve out from under the ring and goes for a chair shot but Steve dodges. Steve then back body drops Trey into the set up chairs at ringside. Back inside, Trey hits a dropkick and throws punches.

Trey goes to it Steve wit a trash can but Steve uses a staple gun on Trey’s nether region. Steve puts the can on top of Trey and does a cannonball into the corner. After the break, Trey dodges a fork and slams Steve. Trey grabs the fork and licks it. He tries to gouge Steve’s eyes but ends up stomping on him. Trey introduces tacks in the ring. Steve uppercuts and tries to hit a DDT. Trey gets out and super kicks him. Steve hits a Black Hole Slam onto the tacks, cover but he stops. Steve slams the trash can against Trey and then whips him across the ring.

Trey comes back and stomps Steve into the tacks. Trey covers for a two. Trey sets up a table in the corner and they both avoid going through it but then clothesline each other into the tacks. They both roll out and looks for weapons. Trey has a spike and Steve has Janice! Trey uses the spike against the midsection but Steve hits a DVD on Trey through the table, nearfall. Steve takes Trey up top but Trey pulls Steve into a superkick against a chair.

Trey rolls through the tacks before Steve hits a Canadian Destroyer through the tacks. Steve does snow angels in the destruction. Steve covers for a two. He grabs Janice and pokes holes in Trey’s head. On the apron, Trey low blows Steve and hits the Roll of the Dice into the bed of barbed wire on the floor. Trey rolls Steve back inside for the three-count.

Winner: Trey Miguel (c)


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