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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (03/09/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, The Good Brothers and Fin Juice hold their contract signing ahead of Sacrifice, Chris Bey takes on Ace Austin and the show opens with Jazz facing Tasha Steelz.


March 9, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentators: Matt Striker & D-Lo Brown

Tasha Steelz vs Jazz

Hogan talks trash when the bell rings but Jazz gets her with a crisp arm drag. The two lock up and Jazz tosses Tasha to the mat. She powders.

Standing switch to headlock to headlock takedown by Tasha. Jazz locks in a head scissors on the mat, but Steelz escapes. Side headlock and takedown by Jazz, but Tasha locks in a head scissors of her own. Jazz rolls through for a submission, but Tasha makes it to the ropes. Jumping neckbreaker by Tasha gets a near fall. Jazz rolls up Tasha multiple times for a pin attempts. Falcon arrow by Steelz gets a two. Jazz jabs and haymakers Steelz before going on a fury of shoulder tackles and then a Samoan Drop. Sit-out powerslam by Jazz prompts Kiera to stand on the apron. Jordynne pulls her down and Jazz locks in the STF for the submission win.


We see ODB backstage and she thinks it’s about time she becomes a five-time “Knock Up Champ” against Deonna Purrazzo. Susan walks in to challenge ODB and she’s up.

Trey Miguel confronts his friend Sam about aligning with Sami Callihan and he challenges Miguel to a match tonight. Trey is reluctant, but eventually accepts due to prodding.

Rohit Raju & Mahabali Shera vs. Chris Sabin & James Storm

Storm instigates Shera before the bell rings and once it does, Sabin and Rohit start things off. Punches traded, but Sabin hits a flurry of shots. A sequence is flourished by a Raju leg sweep. Sabin follows up with a suplex for two. Tag to Storm and the two attack Rohit in the opposite corner. Storm and Shera soon trade shots. Big boot by Shera knocks Storm down. Storm slips free and it’s Sabin and he taking it to Shera. A double team attack followed by a bulldog gets a near fall as we head to break.

Back from it, Sabin is being isolated, but Storm gets the hot tg and delivers a massive spinebuster to Rohit for a near fall. Sabin and Storm trade tags to work over Rohit. Big bicycle kick knocks Storm down and Shera comes in to attack Storm and Sabin. A modified sling blade by Storm downs him.

Roht and Shera go to attack Storm and the two argue. Sabin dropkicks Shera into Rohit and then he kicks Shera while on the apron. Storm hits a lungblower on Rohit and Sabin hits his cradle shock finisher for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: Chris Sabin and James Storm

Reno Scum and XXXL argue backstage as Decay enters. It appears Reno Scum accept a challenge from Steve and Taurus at Sacrifice.

Violent By Design is confronted by James Storm and Sabin. He comes to the defense of Deaner who was beat down by his faction brothers last week. Deaner attacks both of them and so does VBD.

Brian Myers is backstage with Scott D’Amore who is at his desk. He’s looking over Myers’ lawsuit. Myers says if he eliminates Eddie Edwards from history they have no problem. Instead, D’Amore offers him a “Hold Harmless” match, which basically means no rules. A miffed Myers leaves.

Trey Miguel vs. Sam Beale

Sami Callihan calls Trey Miguel a “quitter” in front of “packed crowd” at IMPACT tonight (?) He introduces Sam Beale. Bell rings and Trey tries to reason with his trainee. As Miguel stares down Sami Beale attacks him, but Trey gives Beale a unique suplex before he locks in an equally unique submission for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel

Post match, Sami hacks the IMPACT Zone and when the lights come back on we see him piledriving Beale.

Backstage, Storm and Sabin call Young a snake. Storm says they’re coming out their to whoop VBD’s and here comes Jake Something to offer his support at ringside as he knows Eric Young will be doing the same for his squad.

We see the Two Tonys standing in Daily’s Place. Schiavone and Khan reveal on the successful PPV that was AEW Revolution. Khan runs down the full card from screen stills. He says Kenny Omega is horrible at building exploding rings and that nobody was harmed from the explosion. We’ll figure all that out tomorrow on Dynamite.

Good Brothers & Fin-Juice Contract Signing

D’Amore is backstage with Good Brothers and Fin Juice awaiting for the contracts to be signed. The four want to have a shot before they do and D’Amore has to leave, but tells them to sign the contract before they get crazy. Well, they have a shot. Then they have another. And another. This time however, Finn Juice throws their shots in The Good Brothers’ faces. A brawl breaks out.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Chris Bey

Ace immediately bails when the bell rings. The count gets to nine before Ace enters again. Lock-up leads to Bey in the corner, but rolls away to avoid Bey strikes.

Side headlock by Bey and it leads to some mat game by the two. Head scissor hold by Ace, but Bey slips out and they’re back on their feet. Ace looks to go for a sort of butterfly lock and the two continue to fight. Ace backs himself into the corner.

Shoulders into the gut by Bey, but Ace fights his way back on the offense. Ace aims for a double underhook and Ace gets him with some knee strikes for a two count.

Soon after, Bey swantons on top of Ace on the entryway. The two trade shots on the outside. Ace punts Bey on the apron and then takes the opportunity to dive on Bey. He springboards in with an enziguri for a two count. Bey feigns a kick for a Code Red and it gets a close fall for two.

Ace hits a jumping knee strike and slams Bey for a leaping jumping senton. A glancing blow only gets a t two count. Ace pulls out a crd and dives for Chris but Bey evades. Bey catches him with a back elbow after continued flurries of attacks and avoidances. Big kick connects with Chris by Ace up top . Austin goes for a suplex, but calls an audible and the two tumble to the floor. We go to break.

Bey and Ace battle it out. Bey tries for the Art of Finesse, but Ace catches him. Bey who hits a verta-Bey-ker, but Ace kicks out. Bey is irate as he stomps on Ace. Bey catches Ace with a springboard DDT, Ace goes to the outside for his safety. Fulton stands in the way of Bey and once Austin recuperates, Ace leps in for a kick.

Both men make it into the ring. TJP sits up top on the the stage. That fires Ace and Madman up. Bey catches Ace with a cutter and then the Art of Finesse for the W.

WINNER: Chris Bey

We cut to Swinger’s Palace as TJP has the X-Division belt laying on the blackjack table. Josh Alexander takes exception to the lack of care by TJP and notes that he’ll be watching him come Sacrifice.

Rohit is irate at Shera backstage who picks Raju up by his years before yelling at him that he doesn’t owe Rohit anything. He walks off.

ODB vs. Susan

ODB begins on the offense with some corner attacks and punctuated by a bronco buster. Fallaway slam by ODB leads us to a break.

Back from it, Susan takes shots at ODB, but ODB gives her the Dirty Dozen for a chest press and a ner fall. Susan has a full nelson and then leaps up into a rear naked choke. ODB bumps her into the corner. Susan pulls her down by her hair. She grabs ODB’s flask and dumps out all the booze. She slams her down with a DVD for the finish.


Post-match, Kimber Lee and Deonna come in to attack ODB, but out comes Grace and Jazz for the save. That prompts Fire & Flava who heighten the favor for the heels and they stand tall.

Moose awaits Scott D’Amore and his announcement in the ring and this heads into break.

Scott comes out and then introduces Rich Swann before making his announcement. D’Amore hypes their main event match at Sacrifice, but something doesn’t feel right. He says this Saturday at Sacrifice the two titles will be unified in the match. D’Amore adds something to that. He says whoever walks out as Champion will defend that belt at IMPACT Rebellion against Kenny Omega in another title vs. title match!

We cut to Don Callis who is on the phone with Kenny. Callis says the job is done…just like they planned.


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