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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (03/10/2022)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Josh Alexander makes his return to IMPACT Wrestling after being sent home weeks ago by Scott D’Amore.


March 10, 2022

Josh Alexander starts the show off after signing an extension with IMPACT Wrestling. He states that his future with the company was legit in question. All he could think about was his son Lucas being at home with him and asking him when he would get his hands on Moose again. Well that’s going to happen on April 23 at IMPACT Rebellion for the World Title. He’s interrupted by Honor No More, specifically Eddie Edwards. How nice is it to have the red carpet rolled out for him? Why doesn’t he tell his son Lucas that his father was given everything. Alexander warns him to not say his name one more time. Does Eddie forget? Josh risked everything. He did it for IMPACT and the fans. Eddie said look what the fans did to him. Matt Taven interrupts Alexander to remind him who he is. Taven notes of Eddie’s world title reigns and his own. Only their title reigns didn’t end prematurely in front of their wives. Alexander says his World Title reign didn’t put a company out of business. That heats Taven up. Alexander challenges all of Honor No More and he gets ganged up on. Out comes Team IMPACT (Rhino, Swann, Mack and Heath) for the save. Scott D’Amore comes out and makes two matches: Eddie Edwards vs. Rich Swann and right now – Willie Mack vs. Kenny King. Everyone is banned from ringside for the whole evening. We go to break.

Willie Mack vs. Kenny King

Mack gains some steam after some King offense, but King does get underhanded in his tactics to down Willie once more. Springboard leg drop to Mack for a two count. Mack powerslams and goes for his standing moonsault, but King moves and gets himself back on offense once more. Camel clutch to Mack. Mack utilizes his power for a Samoan drop and gets a near fall on King. “Willie” chants go down as the two men trade punches.

King goes for a top rope senton but Mack moves and hits a stunner. Six star frog splash. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Willie Mack

D’Amore and Moose are backstage and Scott hands him the World Title contract that Alexander already had signed. Now Moose needs to do the same. If he doesn’t then he’ll be stripped of the title.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. John Skyler vs. Crazzy Steve

X-Division Champ Trey Miguel joins commentary for the fight. Crazzy Steve has both men down in opposite corners for some cannonballs. Steve hits a neckbreaker on Austin before neck twisting Skyler. We head to break and back from it, Ace Austin is unleashing the offense in opposite corners. Skyler shows his power with a sit-out powerbomb to Steve in the middle of the ring. Two count as the crowd chants for Steve. Skyler and Steve battle in the corner until Ace hits a heel kick on Skyler. Austin tries to superplex Steve, but CS boxes the ears of Ace as Skyler gets back in the game. Skyler goes to powerbomb Steve who bites the forehead of Skyler. Ace comes leaping off with a Fold blockbuster and gets the 1-2-3 off Steve.

WINNER: Ace Austin

Bhupinder Gujjar is backstage doing an interview before Raj Singh asks why he hasn’t been returning his calls. Enter Larry D who says he’s no longer with the company. He slugs Raj Singh and Binder comes to Singh’s defense. After the altercation, Bhupinder walks off.

Eric Young and VBD relish in their Tag Title victory at Sacrifice.

The Influence, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans vs. Mickie James, The IInspiration and Chelsea Green

Cassie is the first to attack before IInspiration sets their focus on Savannah Evans. Influence grab the foot of Cassie and it sets Savannah up to nail a Samoan drop. Leg drop to Lee. Tasha Steelz gets the tag. Lee finds herself isolated. Matters don’t change until James and Steelz collide with one another. Green gets pulled off the apron by Kaleb who gets punted in the balls. Mickie hits a Mick-DT on Steelz for the clean pinfall.

WINNERS: Mickie James, IInspiration and Chelsea Green

We see JONAH. He talks up PCO. He says he fears nothing and at Sacrifice he broke PCO’s neck and he showed the world that PCO is human.

Out comes the Bullet Club. The Good Brothers note that they are lighter due to their loss of titles, but now they’re putting the locker room on notice and note that the Briscoes are in for a fight during WrestleCon. Doc also calls out VBD before Jay White gets on the mic. He said he handled his business when he beat Alex Shelley: the man who probably taught him the most in this industry. Shelley wanted to come back and prove himself against the best in the world. White says he know he wanted that handshake and just maybe he can come down and too sweet the leader of Bullet Club. Out comes the Motor City Machine. He calls Jay “Jamie” but he’s not going to “Too Sweet” him. He knew him before he was Jay White. Shelley does call Jay the best in the world. Part of Alex thought he was exempt from White’s stabs, but he was wrong. Not only does his sternum hurts but his heart hurts cause Jay wouldn’t shake his hand. Jay says Shelley doesn’t know Switchblade. Shelley said Jay White happened because of him. Bey gets on the mic to ask Alex why he’s even here. Shelley may talk wise, but he isn’t acting wise going up against the four most dangerous men. Well Shelley isn’t alone. Out comes Chris Sabin. Sabin notes the MCMG reunion. Sabin lays down the challenge: Jay White & Chris Bey vs. Motor City Machine Guns. Jay White is more than happy to oblige.

Gia Miller is with Deonna Purrazzo who retained her titles at Sacrifice. She admits having a lapse in judgement showing Chelsea Green mercy. Gisele Shaw enters the picture. Lady Frost comes in and notes Shaw just lost to her at Sacrifice. Deonna wants to have a triple threat match.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rich Swann

Maria Kanellis joins commentary. This bout heads into the break but back from it, Eddie has control. It goes into another break and a good deal of the battle goes on in the outside of the ring and on the apron, including an impressive headscissors to the outside from Swann. Swann almost gets a near fall on Eddie after a flurry of offense. Swann catches Edwards with a leaping rana to down Kingston from up top. He covers: 1-2-kick out.

Eddie crotches Swann on the top turnbuckle. “Eddie sucks” chants. Swann really turn on the offense against Eddie. A blue thunder bomb gets a very near fall for Eddie. Tiger Driver gets another two count for Eddie. Eddie ends up hitting a Boston Knee Party and then his Die Hard Driver for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards


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