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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (03/23/2023)

The Design vs. Time Machine

Kushida and Big Kon kick things off with a lockup. Shelley comes in to help but the two get double clotheslined. Deaner tags in take Shelley down again. MCMG double dropkick Deaner. Sabin gets taken down with strikes before Angels tags in. Sabin and Angels run around until Angels lands a dropkick. Time Splitters rush the Design to set up a distraction. Sabin hits a hesitation dropkick on Angels in the corner, cover. Shelley works Angels’ left arm until Kushida comes back in.

Kushida locks Angels up using both arms and legs. MCMG double kick Angels on the outside. Angels comes back with a neckbreaker on Sabin. Deaner gets the tag and he punches away at Sabin’s face. Sabin tries a roll up before tagging Kushida, who returns with kicks and a crossbody. Shelley and Sabin double team Deaner, which sets up Angels coming in and getting the same treatment. Kon gets knocked off the apron. Kushida does up top and dives out onto The Design.

After the break, Kushida and Angels duke it out in the ring. Angels lands a half and half suplex and Deaner lands a splash for a nearfall. Kon lifts Kushida for Deaner and Angels to hit a double Doomsday Device. Action breaks down with everyone hitting moves. Time Machine triple teams Angels with a series of kicks. Deaner pushes Kushida off the top but eats a cutter from Sabin. Callihan slides in and eats kicks from MCMG to protect Deaner. Sabin dives out onto the Design. Kushida applies Hoverboard Lock on Angels for the win.

Winners: Time Machine

We see a vignette on The Coven and then a vignette for Champagne Singh, a Vegas-style, repackaged Raj Singh.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards and Kenny King explain why they reunited, citing Jay Briscoe’s passing leading them to realizing they’re family.

Savannah Evans vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo starts with forearm strikes, but Evans shoves her down twice and delivers a boot. Evans whips her across the ring, boots, and covers. Deonna chops, runs the ropes, and then hits a hurricanrana. Outside, Evans runs Deonna into the apron and then sends her into the ring post. After the break, Evans continues clubbing Deonna. Evans steps on Deonna’s throat while using the ropes for leverage. Evans delivers a corner spear and then a butterfly suplex for a two count.

Purrazzo gets trapped in a headlock but she works her way back up with elbows. Deonna attempts clotheslines get can’t get her down. Purrazzo reverses a slam and extends the arm before finally taking her down with clotheslines. Side Russian Legsweep connects before applying the Fujiwara Armbar. Evans reaches the bottom rope. Evans hits a bridging suplex into a cover. Gisele and Jai get involved on the apron. Evans accidentally hits Jai, allowing Deonna to hit a Crucifix Bomb for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-match, Shaw and Evans take turns beating Purrazzo down. Evans hit the Full Nelson Slam to make a statement before Shaw does a running knee to the face.

Backstage, Rosemary and Jessicka argue and Taya tries to intervene. Taya chases after Jessicka, who comes across a casket. Jessicka opens it and Taya slams it shut. Taya doesn’t want Jessicka to look at the light. A hand emerges out of the casket and pulls Taya inside to write her off.

Bully Ray & Masha Slamovich vs. Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James

Bully and Dreamer start off by yelling. Mickie tags in and stares Bully down until he tags Masha. Bully yells at Mickie but she ducks Masha at first and then hits a Thesz Press and flapjack. Masha rounds a roundhouse kick and tags Bully. Mickie dodges an elbow drop and tags out. Dreamer hits a crossbody but Bully drops him and tags Masha, slamming her onto Dreamer. Dreamer elbows Masha to set up Mickie’s tag in. Bully pulls Mickie down by her hair. Masha tags out. Bully knocks Dreamer down and grabs a kendo stick.

Bully tosses it but grabs Mickie by the face before body slamming her. Masha back in with a kick to the gut. Masha stomps and pulls her hair until Mickie elbows her way up. Mickie lands a neckbreaker and they both make tags. Dreamer with a clothesline and then corner punches. Dreamer hits a cutter, Masha breaks it. Seated senton from Mickie. Dreamer and Mickie hit double elbows for Dusty. Mickie goes up top for the Devon spot on Bully. Bully manages to drop Dreamer with a piledriver for the three count.

Winners: Bully Ray & Masha Slamovich

Masha grabs Mickie to send her through a table, but Jordynne Grace comes out to break it up. Jordynne ends up accidentally spearing Mickie. Bully and Masha retreat as Dreamer checks on the champ.

Backstage, Swann ponders with Kazarian if there’s merit to Maclin’s comments about how Josh feels about them. Frankie encourages Swann to talk to Josh. Swann enters Josh’s locker room only to find Maclin going through Josh’s stuff.

Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango vs. Moose & Brian Myers

Hendry and Dango cuts promos before the match. Myers starts but immediately hides in the corner when Hendry approaches. Myers applies a headlock but gets run over with shoulder blocks. Dango tags in and covers. Moose gets the tag, which prompts Dango to dance a little. Dango hits chest chops and then punches to the head. Moose reverses it and does corner spears before tagging out. Dango lands a suplex and then a tornado DDT. Hendry and Dango double clothesline Moose.

After the break, Dango and Myers take turns with offense until Myers gets him down for a headlock. Dango tries to roll him up but Moose breaks it up as the legal man. Moose suplexes Dango and knocks Hendry down. Myers with knee drops on Dango. Moose returns to apply more holds to keep Dango grounded. Hendry finally gets the tag and takes Myers down with a flurry of offense, including a cutter. Moose tosses Dango out and then spears Hendry. Myers hits Roster Cut on Hendry for the win.

Winners: Brian Myers & Moose

Alexander walks into his locker room to find Swann, who informs him Maclin was going through his stuff. Josh is confused by everything.

Josh Alexander addresses Steve Maclin

Josh enters the ring with a mic. He highlights Maclin’s two-year journey to get to the spot of being number one contender. Josh says he’s not ducking Maclin, he’s always been in the ring answering challenges. Maclin comes out and says he is afraid of failure. He’s afraid of losing to Josh and going right back to the bottom. Maclin shows footage of how he’s been watching Josh’s defenses for months from behind the curtain.

Maclin reiterates that he’s obsessed with winning the world title. Josh admits he may have underestimated him, but that changes nothing about him being a fighting champ. Josh says why wait for Rebellion. Maclin declines, knowing that Kushida will challenge Josh first at Multiverse United in a week.


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