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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/06/2023)

Motor City Machine Guns vs. TMDK

Shelley and Haste start but Haste gets a cheap shot in on Sabin and Tito attacks Shelley. The Guns come back with double crossbodies out of the ring onto TMDK. MCMG double kick Haste but Sabin gets shoved into Shelley. Tito does a standing blue thunder bomb on Sabin before TMDK double team Shelley. Haste kicks and stomps Shelley on the mat. Tito props Shelley up and unloads with chops. Haste tags back in and cranks Shelley’s head to the side. Tito slams Shelley and knocks Sabin down.

Shelley escapes and plants Tito in the corner. Sabin missile dropkicks Haste. Sabin plants Haste with a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Haste throws kicks and drops Sabin on his face for a two-count. Haste throows an uppercut but gets dragged out by Shelley. Shelley holds the ropes open for Sabin to dive onto TMDK. All four break down in the ring and end up on the mat. Sabin manages to flip Tito over and then the Guns double team Haste and then Tito. Shelley crucifix plants Haste and Sabin floats over for the three.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Backstage, The Guns walk into Bullet Club and tease another a shot. Sabin says they have a rematch and up the ante to make it an Ultimate X match.

Edwards approaches King in the locker room. Eddie wants to make sure King has his back against PCO. King gets sarcastic before turning Eddie down after what happened at Sacrifice.

Dreamer finds Scott D’Amore and says he’s serious about having him on his team at Rebellion. Scott says he’s past that but Dreamer pitches him on it anyway.

X-Division #1 Contender’s Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Mike Bailey

Trey Miguel joins commentary.

Bailey and Gresham slowly lock hands and do a test of strength. They lock up again and Gresham gets backed into the corner. They shove each other before picking up the pace. Gresham lands a dropkick but Bailey fires back with a series a kicks before Gresham spills to the apron. They slowly step back inside. After the break, they attempt pinfalls on each other. They attempt backslides while at a stalemate before reaching the ropes to break.

They butt heads to meet before trading several chops. Gresham flies into the ring by tying Bailey up with an Octopus attempt. Bailey plants Gresham into a cover for a nearfall. Gresham applies a figure four. Bailey flips it over to apply pressure but gets flipped back. They finally roll outside to break the lock. Bailey almost kicks and Gresham almost chops Trey on commentary. Bailey moonsaults out of the ring. They duke it out as Trey missile dropkicks both of them to make it a draw.

Winner: No Contest

Trey grabs his spray paint but returns to stand off with both of them only to retreat.

The Design have a conversation on the stairs. Deaner says he’s surprised Sami made it this far. Sami says he’s ready for Step 7… which is where learns to eliminate all other authority in his life.

Bailey and Gresham argue with Santino when Trey walks up. Santino books a three-way elimination match for Rebellion.

Jody Threat vs. Tara Rising

Lock up starts. Jody takes Tara down with a left arm hold. Threat pivots to a headlock as we see footage of Santino laid out backstage. Threat uppercuts Tara in the corner. Tara dodges in another corner but gets hoisted up for a moment. Threat delivers a few clotheslines and then a running knee in the ropes followed by the release German suplex. Jody drops her with the F416 for the win.

Winner: Jody Threat

Dango and medics check on Santino when D’Amore walks up. Dango says it was The Design. Dango thinks he’s in charge now, but D’Amore isn’t buying it. Dango wants The Design. Santino chimes in and says this is an opportunity to educate his son at Rebellion. Santino says he has to remind people who he is: Santino, Dango, and Hendry vs. The Design is booked for Rebellion.

Tasha Steelz is interviewed by Gia Miller. Steelz said she went home and had to find herself. Gisele Shaw and co. quickly interrupt. Steelz said she has no problem whooping her next week. Gisele thinks Tasha has bitten off more than she can chew.

Bully Ray & Good Hands vs. Darren McCarty, Yuya Uemura & Tommy Dreamer

Skyler and Dreamer start. Skyler does a headlock takedown. Hotch comes in and gets hit with a hip toss. Yuya takes over but Hotch escapes and tags Skyler. Yuya tags out to Dreamer, who drops Skyler with a neckbreaker. Yuya returns with an arm breaker from the top. Hotch takes Dreamer down and Bully gets a cheap shot in from the apron. Skyler back in for a moment before tagging Bully for the first time. Bully throws punches until Dreamer drops him with a DDT.

McCarty gets the tag and he throws punches at The Good Hands. Thesz Press on Hotch connects before tossing him out. Skyler gets thrown out as well so that Yuya does a crossbody out onto them. Darren is fired up and wants Bully. Bully steps in and they circle but Bully ducks up. Skyler attacks from behind, but McCarty comes back with a Stunner for the win.

Winners: Darren McCarty, Yuya Uemura & Tommy Dreamer

Kenny King runs in and joins the heels, as does Masha Slamovich. Killer Kelly and Kazarian run in to neutralize as battle lines are drawn.

We get an extensive look at Josh Alexander’s historic world title reign, plus a congratulations to Jordynne Grace for winning her body-building competition.

We see a recap of Deonna Purrazzo winning the four-way at Multiverse United. Deonna says the last 18 months have been a roller coaster. She went from world champ to tag champ with her best friend to nothing. She built the age of the Virtuosa upon arrival. She wasn’t prepared for a title match at Rebellion, but she’s ready. Deonna says Jordynne has never beaten her, while she has never beaten Mickie. Deonna says she will become a three-time champ.

Eddie Edwards vs. PCO

They waste no time in throwing hands once the bell rings. PCO clobbers Eddie in the corner but Eddie rakes the eyes. Up top, PCO hits Eddie with a hurricanrana. After the break, Eddie is dropped on his back outside the ring. Edwards comes back with a huge suplex on PCO, but he gets right back up with a clothesline. Back inside, Eddie hits a superplex to keep PCO down for a moment. Eddie kicks and chops in the corner. PCO and Eddie both expose their chests for a series of chops.

Eddie gets chopped into the corner before Eddie comes back with open hand slaps to the face. PCO dumps Eddie out and then flips through the ropes to wipe him out. PCO chokeslams Eddie onto the apron. After another break, PCO drops Eddie with a DDT in the ring. Eddie dodges out of the corner and PCO runs into the ref. PCO hits a reverse DDT and then heads up top as Alisha runs down. Alisha whacks PCO in the head with a kendo stick. Eddie hits a Buckle Bomb and then a Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

PCO chases the couple out of the arena. Backstage and outside the building, PCO continues chasing, but Eddie and Alisha peel out of the parking lot in their car.

Set for next week:

Gisele Shaw vs. Tasha Steelz

Jessicka vs. Taylor Wilde

Callihan & Angels vs. Dango & Hendry

King vs. Kazarian for Hardcore War advantage

Josh Alexander Relinquishes The World Title

Scott D’Amore is in the ring with Kushida and Steve Maclin. Scott says that every ending leads to a new beginning, and a new world champ will be crowned at Rebellion. Scott welcomes out Josh Alexander, who is accompanied by his wife and son.

Josh gets a standing ovation. He thanks the crowd and reflects on the opportunities he had to reach the pinnacle of Impact. He remembers receiving his first Impact contract and now he’s become the longest-reigning Impact World Champion of all time. He gets a “best world champ” chant from Windsor. But now he has torn his tricep and is out indefinitely. He gets to go back to being a fan like his son. Josh says he’ll be watching Rebellion to see who becomes the new champ.

Josh says Kushida is one of the most ruthless wrestlers in the world, and he can make Maclin tap out. He turns to Maclin and says he’s earned it his title shot, but he wishes it was against him. He warns both of them that if they hold it long enough, he’ll be coming back to reclaim what is his. “Thank you Josh” chant sounds off. Josh’s son grabs the title before he can hand it over. Josh talks to him and then hands the title to Scott.

Maclin takes over and says now that the formality is done, he wants Scott to hand him the title. Maclin says this is Josh’s way out. D’Amore gets angry and can’t believe Maclin would try to goad Josh into a fight fresh off surgery. Scott says Maclin should’ve answered an open challenge or stepped to the champ man to man, but instead he’s a coward. Scott says he’s supposed to be unbiased, but he can’t right now. Scott reminds everyone that Kushida made Maclin tap out a couple weeks ago.

Maclin says he won’t put his pride on the line in a match that doesn’t mean anything. Kushida steps to Maclin as Maclin declares himself the next champ. Maclin tells Kushida to enjoy the spotlight while it lasts, but Kushida drops Maclin with a Hoverboard Lock. Kushida dives out onto Maclin, who tried taking off with the title. Kushida raises the title in the ring.


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